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OTTO Designworks Tuning System 10 and 11 Speed Cassette

OTS_beautyOkay, as many of you know, I receive a lot of stuff to review, and I will have you know that when I opened the product, I had no idea what it is. Seriously, I get a lot of stuff to review, and sometimes I just forget who even sends it to me. I’ll be honest and say that unless you know what this is, these products are a big question mark.

Fortunately, as a writer, I feel a need to do research. This is the Tuning System 2.0, and it is the first voice-guided iPhone vision tool and application that can check the adjustments in under 60 seconds.

Otto DesignworksAs you might have guessed, this is made for serious cyclists, and it provides a “thorough assessment of your shifting and derailleur angles in approximately 30 seconds”. All you got to use the iPHones’ camera as well as a set of engineered gauges to check the shifting alignment, and even has verbal prompts to lead the users through any needed adjustments.

Yes, this is an application that is free, and has levels of functionality of “Check” and “Tune”, with a multi bike profile feature. The end result is a better and smoother ride.

If this is something that you, as a biker, that you can get behind, head on over to the Otto Designworks site and lay down $39.00 for it. You can get the 10 and 11 speed cassette or the 9 speed cassette.

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Skylock could be the future of bike-locks

skylockBike locks haven’t really changed in the past few decades. I think the best of them are those horseshoe-shaped ones, and this Skylock is made for the digital generation.

For example, it is a bikelock that doesn’t require a key, but it will open up with a smartphone. Now that requires power, right? Of course! However, the Skylock has a solar cell, so it has some power for a capacitive touchkey button lock.

The advantage of having a bike that unlocks with a smartphone is that it allows for bike sharing. Just allow users access with its app. Yeah, that’s right, the Skylock has itself its own app.

An extra advantage to having a bike lock that connects to your smartphone (yes, it does that) and links via Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi is it is a portable security system. The Skylock has an accelerometer so if the bike is disturbed, your phone will alert you.

This accelerometer also comes in handy when you get into an accident. If you are in a crash, Skylock sends an alert to you. Unless you respond to it, the app will use its emergency responders to bring the help to the scene of the accident.

It really isn’t every day that I report on a problem with so many features! This is pretty cool, and sadly not available now. When it is available, it is about $250, but you can get it for the early-bird price of $160.


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One Shot Concept Bike Folds Up nice

PrintI have to admit that the One Shot isn’t a device that I have never seen before. It is essentially a bike that can fold up for portability. Even in the eighties, I have seen a bike that can fold into a suitcase.

The One Shot can fold up into something that looks like a golf cart, minus the clubs. You can drag it as you ride, and it is easy to travel on the bus. Of course, if you have a bike, why are you riding the bus?

Now, this is a still a concept product. I don’t see a reason why someone couldn’t make it.


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Rearview Bike Camera available on the Sharper Image Catalog

Bike rear view cameraHere is an interesting item available from our friends at the Sharper Image Catalog. They always had the latest gadget back in the eighties, and they are still around. This is the Rearview Bike Camera.

I’m sure that you can see the purpose of the Rearview Bike Camera, as most bikes don’t come with rear or side-view mirrors, which are standard on most automobiles. It really is hard to look behind you on a bike without occasionally losing your balance or taking your eyes off the road.

The Rearview Bike Camera has a camera that fits on the back and under the seat, and it even has 10 flashing red LEDS that will turn on in low light. It has an LCD viewing screen so you can see what is behind you, which I can only assume is wirelessly synced.

It can work on 10+ hours on a full charge. It costs about $179.99 that you can get here, so you might want to remove it from your bike if you are parking for a while.


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