Our Review of the Clean Router, Read the Review of What it Does!

Clean RouterOkay, this is our review of the Clean Router, and this is what it does: it Blocks Porn. Yep, that is the official tagline, and I’m going to talk about how this works.

I noticed that most houses have a router these days, and this one is for free! Okay, you will have to pay $9.99 for the basic package, and then you will have to pay for the monthly service.

Just to let you know, I reviewed this particular device. Having hooked up routers already, it’s pretty easy as its just plugging it in with all the proper cables. Then all you need to do is hook it up and set up your Admin access and code words. Mine is…yeah, I’m not going to reveal that.

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D-Link AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router Review

D-Link AC3150Okay, I have reviewed a lot of routers in the past, and I’m starting to get used to setting them up. It is something that I never look forward to, because it is never fun to set up stuff when it can screw up that which you know works. Still, if you can make something work better, it is worth the time to do it.

Such is the case for the AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router, and it resembles a crab or an upside-down dead spider. In case you are wondering, those antennas are made for delivering maximum range around the home. You should be able to get faster Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3165 Mpbs (1000 Mbps on 2.4 GHz + 2165 Mbps on 5 GHz).

Now, I have had a chance to test this out, and I have noticed that my websites come up very, very fast. The issue is that I don’t get a cure for blackouts. Yeah, I am going to have to blame my provider for that (I’m talking to you, Time Warner!).

It is apparently set up for gaming with this kind of set-up, and I suppose that is good! You should be able to get this on the D-Link site for $279.99.

Bitdefender BOX

BitdefenderHere’s an interesting device known as the Bitdefender BOX is a cybersecurity solution. That is the official word from the company itself, and you might be wondering why some hardware in the form a box would be needed with this sounds like a software thing.

Well, it isn’t, and it is. Let me explain. Once you connect it to your router and connect it to your application, it will guide you as to how to operate it. You see, the Bitdefender isn’t just made for the one particular computer, but everything connected in your home network.

That means your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, and any particular Internet of Things (IOT) devies from malware, online fraud, data theft, online spying and a lot of other online dangers.

The App is pretty easy to set up, and it notifies of network events, as well as controlling particular devices. It is good for setting data limits, installing Windows updates, improve overall system speed, and even locating lost devices…wow!

If you want to get this, check it out at the Bitdefender site and get the free BOX Security Hub, and pay only the yearly subscription for $99.00.

Ashley Madison, My Response, Part Two

TrustifyWell, it would appear that the Impact Team has made good on their promise to bring the information from Ashley Madison’s 37 million subscribers online. I’m not going to put where you can get this information, I am told that downloading it requires a special browser but you’re smart enough to read this from a computer, so you can probably figure out how to do this yourself.

Since Mr. Josh Duggar was discovered as having an Ashley Madison account, the same question has come up from suspicious lovers. I’ve heard that the website of Trustify can discover if your suspicious loved one has an Ashley Madison email account. So far, he’s the one that is getting all the press, and that is the last thing that man needs.

Well, I really don’t want to talk about Josh Duggar, but someone challenged my attitude on Ashley Madison the other day. You may have noticed that I said that something about me is glad that the Ashley Madison accounts were hacked, but here’s the thing: if I am glad at that, should I rejoice that other big accounts are hacked?

The thing that I have discovered lately is how strange morality is. I guess as wrong as I believe it is for a married or committed person to have an Ashley Madison account, it’s just as wrong to hack into said account, for any reason. These ends just doesn’t justify the means, and I guess I am going to have to let those who have secrets keep those secrets.

The Amazon Echo is a Siri for your home

Amazon EchoAmazon has had some cool stuff for consumers besides all of its books and other things. Now they have the Echo.

What is the Echo? Well, you know that Siri that you have on your iPhone or the Google vocal thing on your Android phone? Picture that, but in a cylindrical shape and always in your home.

No, that is not creepy at all, but if you want to set an alarm, get a weather forecast, or ask a general question, then you will get an answer. You can even make a make a grocery list or set a timer and Bluetooth it to your smartphone. Huh, I just used Bluetooth as a verb.

In addition to the features, the Echo has omni-directional sound, which means it is good for spreading the sound. It will cost you $99-199, but that price depends on whether or not you are an Amazon Prime member.


This Sesame Street video also encourages us to “Look Up”

Man, today must be “get off the computer and enjoy life day”, because both of my posts for today are essentially that theme. I highly recommend watching the “Look Up” video before catching this one. I honestly believe that this simple video from Sesame Street better illustrates the points of “Look Up” in a less heavy-handed way.

I highly recommend watching this for the song alone. Zachery Levi from Chuck and Tangled reveals he’s a pretty good singer, and the song feels better written than the “Look Up” video poet. It’s odd that it doesn’t feel preachy, even though it is dumbed down for a Sesame Street audience. Best of all, it is catchy and fun.

I couldn’t help but notice that there is a scene where Grover is using an Oculus Rift or some sort of VR headset. I point this out because Samsung is planning on putting out a VR headset of their own. I don’t have much details about that, but it is showing that VR technology is getting better. This means we have a lot of potential to shut out “A Lovely Sunny Day”.

My Response to the “Look Up” video

At my church on Sunday, I had a chance to see this viral video known as “Look Up”, which has apparently been very popular at about 40 million hits. Let me just say that it is difficult to criticize a video that has a very good heart.

Not to be too much of a spoiler, but the video warns that we live in an age of technology and social media, but we are still very lonely. This is a message that we have heard before, and you listen to Louis C.K., he has this bit known where he talks about how we have all this amazing technology but no one is happy.

Is it odd that a video that we watch on our computer or smartphone is critical of the culture around technology? Yes, there is a huge sense of irony going on here. It reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons where Sideshow Bob wants to destroy all television, and announces his plan on…television. It also reminds me of an episode of Amazing Stories where a guy gets a magical TV that takes over his life. The moral of that television show is: don’t watch TV. Again, irony.

Still, the message is good. However, I’ve been critical of Christian films because the message is often good, but the rest just plain stinks. You can read my review of the Left Behind movie if you want to see what I think about that.

Please don’t interpret my review of this “Look Up” video as it just plain stinks. Granted, the poem is a little choppy in its rhyme scheme, I’m willing to pardon it because its subject matter is handled well.

I think the comment about a silent passenger train is interesting because mobile technology has reduced boredom to a very singular experience. There is no need to talk to people anymore just to pass the time, and this is something that is quite interesting to note.

What isn’t interesting is how the author comments that parks are empty. They aren’t. There are still kids that play on them, and I don’t think we will ever get past an age of slides and swings in our child’s play.

Also, the idea that you could miss your potential mate because you’re looking on your smartphone is a little…odd. You could nearly miss your potential life-partner through any diversion, such as looking at a rainbow. We can’t talk about the missed opportunities with tech and ignore the opportunities that technology gives us.

Still, this video makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing on my computer and phone and play with my kids. I suppose the video has succeeded in its purpose. To that, I say good job.

The Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera from D-Link

D-Link DCS-2330LFresh off my review of the Wi-Fi Baby Camera from D-Link, today I’m going to talk about the Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera. This is another product from D-Link which is similar.

The Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera is not made for the baby’s room, but it is, in fact, made for the outdoors. It is made for a lucky thirteen, which means it is good for -13 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is it good for those temperatures, but it has a waterproof housing which means it is good for when it gets rainy, or even dusty.

It is difficult for me to talk about this product without talking about the aforementioned Baby Camera, as they are quite similar. For example, this DCS-2330L is able to record in Night Vision allowing good sight for about 15 feet in total darkness. It records in 720 HD, and it will record to a microSD card.

Another similarity is that you can access the footage anywhere with the mydlink app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Unlike the baby monitor, this is one camera that you want to use for all kinds of things like surveillance, or any other place where you need an extra eye. You can also receive handy push notifications for occasions for motion detection.

All in all, I’ve got to give it high marks. If you want to see it for yourself, feel free to head over to the D-Link site and pay $179.00.

Belkin brings “The Internet of Things” with WeMo

WemoBefore and during CES 2014, I kept hearing the term “The Internet of Things”, and thought it was pretty long for a buzzword. Like most buzzwords, people use them without even really knowing what they mean.

As far as I can tell, and from what I have looked up, “The Internet of Things” refers to the trend in devices to be wirelessly connected together. So all those body monitors, augmented reality goggles, and smartwatches that I talked about at the end of CES 2014.

In the midst of this is Belkin, a company that I reported on before, a long time ago with the Cushdesk and Universal Card Reader. They make something called the WeMo, and it is a method of home control products to monitor cost and usage from a mobile device. WeMo uses the Wi-Fi network to take control of home electronics, and they have a new WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set and Smart LED bulb to manage and control lighting either individually or in groups in a tablet or smartphone.

Belkin also wanted to showcase a WeMo Maker Kit, made for those who want to create devices for WeMo. In fact, there is even a Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker that is enabled by WeMo that could become a pattern for all WeMo products.

Personally, I believe WeMo is the wave of the future, and I believe that most products will be WeMo-enabled. Perhaps this is the age when all devices will be Internet enabled, whether they need to be or not. You can find out more on WeMo here.

Microsoft sponsors anime ad

There are two types of people in the world: those that have barely heard of anime and those that know too much about it. Perhaps I am an exception to that rule, as I like some anime like Howl’s Moving Castle, but I get the feeling that most of the good stuff I’ve probably never seen or even heard of.

Microsoft put out this commercial for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11, and it looks like it was made by some anime fanboy. You can watch it here, and I will have to say that it is pretty fun action. It does look good, but I have three problems with it.

1. The Main Character takes a laser shot in the face! The only result is a line that looks like a Sharpie marker across the face.

2. This animation makes the same mistake as Sucker Punch. All the action is good, but because I don’t know anything of the main character’s backstory, I have no reason to care about this.

3. The ending sets up the story for something more, and then ends on a what?

Just watch it, and make your own decisions about it.