Tribeca, Part 2: Wooden Earbuds and Headphones

Tribeca wooden earbudsI realize that it has been weeks since I first talked about Tribeca, with the Herringbone Hardshell for the iPhone 5 and the Artisan series for the iPhone 4. In addition to those quality cases, the company also puts out some interesting wooden products with these earbuds and headphones.

What you are seeing here is some Maple earbuds, and these wooden chambers in the earbuds add “natural reverb and resonance”. I had a chance to try them for myself, and I was pretty pleased. I’m not certain how to describe the sound, but I can’t seem to find any synonyms for “they sound pretty good”. Yeah, headphone reviews are a lot of fun.

Additional features include a nylon wrapped cable with an inline microphone. The drivers are encased in genuine wood with chrome accents, and come with three silicone tips. Not bad.

Tribeca wooden headphonesThen there is the headphones. These are also made of wood, and I had the chance to try out the Maple brand. The natural wooden chambers also bring on the natural sound.

Other interesting features include the Stainless Steel accents, which looks very, very good and is easy to adjust. I especially like those teardrop-shaped earcups, and the nylon wrapped cable.

Can get the wooden headphones on the Tribeca site for about $179.99, and the earbuds cost about $39.99. Each of them are in three models of wood, including Bubinga, Maple, and Ebony.

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