Runcible, otherwise known as the “anti-smartphone”

RuncibleWhat you are seeing here in this man’s hand is the Runcible, and it is created by someone name Monohm who is wanting to create the “anti-smartphone”. I guess the best way to describe it is somewhere in between a wearable and a smartphone.

After all, smartwatches are wearables that give you a ton of notifications, and then you can actually do something about them on your smartphone or tablet. The Runcible is actually designed to do all this on one device, as it runs on Mozilla’s Firefox OS platform and allows the user to make calls, ask for directions, or browse the web. It can support both LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

Yes, it is round and fits in your hand, taking a cue from a pocketwatch rather than a calculator. Yeah, I couldn’t think of a better illustration for that, but my source states that “just to hold it is calming”. By the way, it is designed to be extremely flexible as well as easily upgradeable, and “electric heirloom” if you will. Man, this Runcible really makes me re-think a lot of what I know about technology.

So does the Runcible have a future? It looks like it, as it has financial backing form KDDI, the Japanese carrier. Will something like this ever catch on? Well, let’s just say that if the steampunk age ever met the digital age, then everyone would have a Runcible.


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