Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio Headphones

At this time, I have reviewed several Beyerdynamic products, and I have lost count. They certainly are the makers of some quality headphones, and if you don’t believe me, just do a search on this site for “Beyerdynamic” and you will see. In the case of the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Studio, it definitely has proven that the company has a reputation of astounding sound, particularly with their over-the-ear headphone models.

Before I get into this review, I want to say that I am told that the only difference between the DT 770 Studio and the classic DT 770 is the name. I can’t say that I can verify that successfully, so I am not going to swear by that.

It does, however, have cutting-edge drivers, and they have some of the best materials such as neodymium magnets, a steel headband, anodized aluminum forks, as well as composite housing and some really terrific earpads.

I will have to say that these will block out whatever sound that you happen to have around you. It does have a lot of ultra-precise and analytical sound, and it also has a great cable as well.

Now, here’s the thing: I can’t find this product on the Beyerdynamic website. Now, that is the DT 770, but I have been informed that the DT 770 Studio exclusively for the Guitar Center and can be purchased in most Guitar Center stores, now available for about $179.99 from the Guitar Center website here.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

I always like reviewing Beyerdynamic products, and I was lucky enough to try out one of their newest pair of headphones with the Custom Game. I don’t think these are related to the Custom Street that I reviewed a while ago, but they have some similar features.

First of all, it has these custom design covers that can change the basic side-look of the headphones, and they are made for the game with stuff like “work hard/play hard”. You can also switch out with different optional rings, as well as ear and headband pads.

Another thing that is adjustable is the sound with this very interesting slotted control on the side for easy access. One of the settings is the loud ambient noise suppression, and then another is to provide something of serious balanced sound. The balance is with the bass to make certain that your gaming audio is optimal.

By the way, there is another manual control that you should know about. There is an integrated cable remote control, which allows you to mute the mic in order to adjust the volume. It’s perfect for taking calls if you want to, and there is a Y-extension cable for setting up whatever device that you want to connect to it. By the way, this Y-extension is for the PC, and it also has that big plug-in.

The Custom Game also has a professional and adjustable microphone that can be plugged in when needed. This gooseneck mic is made for suppressing ambient and background noise, which is good for any time you are playing with friends. Yeah, you’ll enjoy this one.

Best of all, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game headphones are built strong but they also have your ear’s comfort in mind. You can purchase them on the Beyerdynamic on the company website for $209.00.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT Wireless, Premium Wireless Earphones

Beyerdynamic Byron BTIt’s time for me to review another terrific Beyerdynamic product, and this one is the Byron BT wireless. Now, just to let you know, this is not one of those wireless earbuds that are like earplugs, but I’m hoping to review one of those type from Beyerdynamic later this year.

No, this is one of those earbuds that have some wires, but they connect to each other so they can go behind the neck. Speaking of connection, they connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, which is not new in any way. However, this uses Qualcomm aptX codecs with acoustic transducers. By the way, it has a three-button remote that allows for a hands-free microphone for taking calls.

So, yes, I have reviewed wireless earbuds like this before, like those from Jabra and others, so let’s talk about the specs. If you are concerned about the playtime, it is good for about 7.5 hours. I am assuming that is a long time, but it takes time to charge it (about two hours).

I suppose that I can recommend these, but with so many companies making these type of wireless earbuds, I’m not certain that I can recommend one brand over the other. Of course, I am always going to recommend anything from Beyerdynamic, and you can purchase these on the Beyerdynamic website for $99.00.

Beyerdynamic Byron Wired Earbuds

beyerdynamicI have reviewed Beyerdynamic products in the past, and they certainly are some great audio products. Just these past few months, I had the chance to review the Beyerdynamic Custom Street, and these Byron Wired is more along the lines of iDX 200 iE earbuds.

These premium earphones have some seriously powerful neodymium speakers for some serious sound and bass. Then again, what would you expect from Beyerdynamic? They come with some silicone eartips for comfort and isolation, and it has a carrying bag included for even more classiness.

Normally, I don’t included any pictures of the packaging on my reports, but the Android logo is featured prominently in the corner. I guess I can see why, as the iPhone 7 is missing that headphone jack, so why not promote some earbuds designed for mobile living to the Android devices that can accept something with a headphone jack?

By the way, there is a 3-button remote control and a hands-free microphone. I don’t think I need to tell you how good the sound is, but it has a 9.0 mm speaker diameter if you want the tech specs.

You should be able to purchase the Byron earbuds on the Beyerdynamic site for about $49.95.

Our Review of the Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Earbuds

BeyerdynamicWell, hey, I don’t think it would be even proper of me to say bad things about Beyerdynamic, as they are the champions at making some fine audio products. Needless to say, I am very pleased to try out these new earbuds with the iDX 200 iE.

These are some pretty great looking earbuds in a market that is very crowded with them, and the cans in the ears are nice and metallic with titanium. In case you are worried about it not being comfortable, well, it has 7 sizes of silicone eartips along with 3 pairs of Comply eartips.

If you are wondering whether or not this pair of high-quality earbuds come with a microphone, then fear not. After all, that is kind of a standard feature these days, and it has a 3-button remote that is good for all Apple and many Android devices as well.

What is interesting is how the cables are flat, and they are flexible as they are detachable. The cable length is 40 cm and it can be extended with a 90 cm cable.

The sound is good, and worthy of having the Beyerdynamic label. If you want to try these out for yourself, I have so far been only able to find them on Beyerdynamic’s Europe site for €199.00.

Our Review of the Beyerdynamic Custom Street Headphones

beyerdynamic custom streetIt’s been a while since I reviewed the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro, and I guess I’m reviewing what looks to be a follow-up with the Custom Street.

I’m going to start by telling you that I have no idea why it is called the “Custom Street”. I suppose that if you were designing a street, you would have a lot of variations. In this case, the Custom Street has a lot of options, and I guess it’s really street.

For example, there is a Custom Sound Slider, allowing the user to switch from several different sound profiles like “Heavy Bass” or “Analytical”. There is also a customizable style as you can take out these little circles on the side to make it look very different each time.

You can also change out the cable so it is a device for DJing, an extra pair of headphones, and you can also add a gooseneck mic as well. By the way, it comes with a mic on it so you can do some phone calls.

The Beyerdynamic headphones come with a case and can be found on the Beyerdynamic website for $149.00.

Beyerdynamic MMX 2 Multimedia Headset

beyerdynamic mmx2_4cIt’s unusual when I review two products in the same week, oh wait, I guess it isn’t. Still, I had a chance to review the MMX 2, and in spite of the numbering, the MX 300 is only one step up, honestly.

The MMX 2 is a professional gaming headset, and you might think that a headset that looks so light will only produce earbud-quality sound, but this is not the case. In fact, I am hearing some interesting bass right now, and it is quite great.

This particular headset has a controller that can hook-up to the PC’s USB port, and you can kill the mic or control the headphone volume. Then you can connect the microphone and headset to that. The microphone is on a flexible holder, and it works pretty darn well, as I just tested out. It is a plug and play feature, by the way.

Another terrific feature of the MMX 2 is the headband, which is really adjustable. All-in-all, it is quite good gear, and it can be purchased at the Beyerdynamic site for $99.00.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Premium Gaming and Multimedia Headset

Beyerdynamci MMX 300Well, I have reviewed Beyerdynamic products, and they are quite good, as you can see from my review of the Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE and iDX 120 iE Earbuds. To say that the MMX 300 Premium Multimedia Headset is excellent is obvious, because it was originally developed as a headset for private aviation. So it is got that working for it already.

Yes, this is designed for online gamers specifically for FPS games, I believe. It advertises as being a way to hear opponents around you, which I have to admit would come in handy for a game where you don’t want to be surrounded.

Then there is the microphone which has some cool flexible thing on it. Apparently, this is made for taking out some background noise like computer fans.

All in all, it is a pretty good gaming headphone designed for fragging, which is exactly what you want. One thing that is interesting is how light it is, and you should be able to get it for $349 on the Beyerdynamic site.

Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE and iDX 120 iE Earbuds

beyerdynamic MMX 102 iEIt is been a while since I reviewed a beyerdynamic product before, and the last time was one of the T 51 headphones. This time, I got to review two pairs of earbuds with the iDX 120 iE and the MMX 102 iE. Yes, they are very similar in name, and slightly similar in design as well.

I’ll go ahead and start with the MMX 102 iE. Of course I am going to tell you that it has good sound, because all of beyerdynamic’s products give you that. This one has “powerful neodymium speakers to deliver transparent treble, precise midrange and inspiring bass response”.

Yes, I got that from the box, and what else can I say but the speaker size of 9mm. Of course, there is the one button control for the microphone control for quick switch from music to telephone call if you want to use it for a smartphone. Other features is three size of eartips, and a soft case.

beyerdynamic iDX 120 iEOkay, let’s do the iDX 120 iE, and I am honestly getting these mixed up on these two reviews. There are some differences, however.

For example, it has seven sizes of silicone eartips as well as 10 mm speaker sizes. It also has two detachable extension cables, and it has 45 degree angled plug.

If this is something that you are into, head on over to the beyerdynamic website and lay down about $109.00 for either each of them. You can get the IDX 120 iE here and the MMX 102 iE here.

The T 51 i Headphones from Beyerdynamic

beyerdynamic T51iI’m always pleased to review Beyerdynamic products, and I recently had a chance to check out the T 51 p. I was very pleased to review the T 51 i.

I honestly believe that the only difference between the T 51 p and the T 51 i is that the T 51 i is licensed to work on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. I believe that it is made to work with the three-button remote and microphone, which is something that I don’t remember being on the T 51 p.

There is some seriously good sound coming from this, which is not surprising from a set of over-the-ear headphones. It has a “deep bass response” and “transparent, clear highs”, which translates to “high efficiency and low distortion”. Again, I don’t know how to describe good sound with words.

One of the problems of over-the-ear headphones is that the sound costs comfort. Sometimes they are tight and heavy on the head, but the frames of these are pretty good. There is a very pleasant metallic look to them, and the memory foam makes this even more comfortable.

If this is something that you want, check it out on the Beyerdyanmic site for about $313.99. I do highly recommend them.