Native Union Anchor Cable

anchor-cableI will say that when Native Union makes a product, they are very good about making it as classy as possible. For example, they did an Android (micro USB) charging/sync cable with the POWERLink. They also made these CLIC Marble cases for the iPhone 6/6S, and it just feels like something rich people would have. I had a terrific time with the Anchor Cable made for Apple products, and this is what I have found.

anchor-cable-2You know what the problem is with most cables? They get dropped, and often get lost. However, the Anchor Cable have a non-slip geometric weight that is designed to keep that cable in one place. Is it just me, or does that weight look like some dice from Dungeons and Dragons?

So if you have the habit of charging your cable next to your desk or something, you can just leave that cable there. This cable is also very resistant to the things that happen to cable in life, just in case you want to take it with you, or something.

If you are in the market for a 6.5 foot cable for your Apple device, you can purchase it on the Native Union site in either Marine or Taupe for $34.99.

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