BluFit is a hydration bottle that has its own app

blufit2_610x740This particular gadget is something that I haven’t really seen before, as it is a waterbottle that has its own app. The purpose of this app is to moderate your own levels of hydration.

This app helps you control your appetite, improve activity and performance, and helps prevent headaches and fatigues. There is some sort of sensor the can record the time and amount of water consumed.

The BluFit can collect a variety of data including weight, age, humidity, and temperature in order to determine what your daily intake should be. With the app, you can view your current level of hydration, set personal goals, and adjust daily intake based on activity level and health status.

This particular thing is an Indiegogo project, which means it needs funding, and you can pledge for it on that site now. It should retail for $59 when it arrives on the market in March.