The myCharge Energy Shot

myChargeIt isn’t often that I put the product’s packaging with the product, but when it came time to review this product, I was very surprised at what I saw. Yeah, you see that bottle of the MyChrage Energy Shot Backup Battery? It looks like a bottle of 5-hour Energy Drink, doesn’t it?

I suppose that this is the idea, that the MyCharge Energy Shot is supposed to be what 5-hour Energy Drink is to humans. That is, some sort of quick energy boost to beat one’s 2:30 lull. In this case, this 2000mAh battery gives you up to 9 hours of extra talk time.

Just to let you know, the USB port only gives 1.0 A of input. What is really interesting is how you can check the battery level, by shaking it. If you see the green glow, it means that you have some juice.

Now here is the part in my mobile battery review where I say that I have reviewed products like these before. Here’s something that I have never said before. I see no shortage in mobile devices with tablets and smartphones, so I cannot help but wonder if maybe I am in the wrong business. Yeah, perhaps I should be selling mobile batteries for a living.

This one is about $24.99 on the site, so I wonder how much this costs to make. How much of a profit can I turn?