Sonarworks True-Fi Calibration Software Review

I’m going to do that thing that I do when I explain that I am not really an audiophile. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is what I do when I am reviewing headphones, because I often don’t hear a difference between two individual sets of phones. However, I had the opportunity to review Sonarworks True-Fi calibration software for my PC, and I can honestly say that I can definitely hear a difference.

All that is required to go the Sonarworks site and download it. From there, it asks some questions like your age and gender. Uh, why does this ask this, you might ask? Well, this is all about calibration. You can even see in the illustration the adjustable bar for an age bracket, and it has some interesting effects.

Of course, what you really want to do is calibrate your bass with your unique set of headphones. I had a chance to review it with the Marshall Monitor and the Samson SR920, which are two headphones that I have not had the opportunity to try.

From there, I could adjust the bass, and man, it is great to hear some seriously booming sound. You should be able to purchase this software on the Sonarworks site for $79.99.

BONX Grip Allows you to Communicate with the Group: Our Review

We review many earbuds and in-ear devices that people use to listen to music on the go, and take phone calls. Today, though, I’m reviewing a unique product that I think might be exciting to outdoor enthusiasts and people on the go. The BONX Grip provides some innovative group talk technology.

photo credit: BONX

What is the BONX Grip?

The BONX Grip is an in-ear piece that is water resistant and shock resistant. It connects to an app that allows you to connect with up to 10 other people who have the device in walkie-talkie fashion.  It’s not a walkie-talkie, though, as you need to have cell service in order not to drop your conversation. The great part about this device is that it responds only to your voices and blocks out all other background noises. It has a multi-layered wind noise reduction system so you can communicate with others in the harshest of conditions. It also saves on battery life and data by only using data when the user is speaking. You can also listen to music on the earpiece.

What’s in the BONX Box?

For $139, you have your choice of a black, white, green or pink earpiece. There are 3 different sized earloops, and two earpieces to help you find your customized fit. A small USB charger will give it a charge up to 7 hours. The app can be found in the app store for Apple devices iPhone 5 and later. Android users can get the app in Google Play for Android systems 4.3 or later.

I think this device is great, and would find it useful when biking, hiking, and rockclimbing- as long as there is 3G, 4G or wi-fi connection. It also assumes that other friends in your group would have their own. You could still use it to answer phone calls and listen to music.

In closing, here’s a cool video of how this product has helped a blind mountain biker.

Blind Mountain Biker Bobby McMullen Shreds with BONX from BONX Inc. on Vimeo.

Disclaimer:Our opinions at the GeekChurch are our own, and not influenced by the companies we review for. We did receive a set of BONX products free of charge to use for our review.

Reliefband 2.0 Offers Relief From Nausea

Those who struggle with nausea and vomiting may find relief after using this product. Reliefband 2.0. If you have these problems due to motion sickness, morning sickness(or all day sickness) or chemo, read more to find out if this band is for you.

photo credit: Reliefband

There are many drugs and other bands out on the market to combat motion sickness. This product is unique in that it looks like a FitBit, and works to provide relief through mild electronic pulses. These pulses can be adjusted in 10 different intensity modes. The first version of the band only offered 5 modes.





What you get with Reliefband

Included in the box is the Reliefband 2.0 device- offered in Charcoal or Denim Slate Blue. There’s also a magnetic USB charging cable, and conductivity gel that you apply a small amount of with each use. Of course, instructions come along to explain more.

Features of the Reliefband

The two contacts of the band are placed at the underside of your wrist. The top wavy indicator lets you know that therapy is happening. The straight, dashed line is an indicator of intensity. The circle light indicates how charged the battery is. On the side of the band are buttons to increase or decrease intensity. The bottom button decreases the intensity, and also powers the band on and off.

Will This Band Work for You?

Many reviews are singing the praise of this band- especially with the extra settings since the former band. There seems to be a very small percentage of people it doesn’t work for, but that could be due to their physiology. However, if you have problems with nausea or vomiting due to  vertigo, motion sickness(including use with virtual reality), morning sickness, chemotherapy, and even postoperative in order to avoid drugs, this could be a great product for you to use.

This great device costs $174.99 on the Reliefband website. There is a 60 day limited money warranty, so there is a small window to see if it works for you.

Thanks to Reliefband for providing us a unit to review free of charge in exchange for our unbiased and honest evaluation.

Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard with RGB backlight

It’s been a while since we reviewed a Matias product. In fact, it has been a year with the Aluminum Keyboard with Backlight (almost to the day), and now we will review the Wired Aluminum keyboard with RGB backlight. At this rate, we are doing a Matias keyboard per year.

At the first glance, I would have to say that the Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard with RGB backlight looks like a MacBook product. Not only does it have that skinniness, but all of those keys look so Apple.

So, there is a terrific feature of a backlight, in case you missed that. So why is that feature there? Well, there is a blue-light exposure that apparently affects melatonin levels, and this isn’t the first time that I have heard of it. There is a color dial which is great for reducing the Blue Light, and changing it to other colors like red, green, and blue.

Oh, by the way, you can adjust the brightness of the backlight as well. Another great feature is that when you plug this keyboard into a USB, you don’t lose a USB port. In fact, you have a new USB port on the keyboard, so that helps a bunch.

You should be able to purchase the Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard with RGB backlight on the Matias site for $99.

Under Armor Gear (UAG) Review: Monarch and Pathfinder for iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Once again, we have got our hands on Under Armor Gear (UAG) products, and they do make some of the greatest cases in the universe. I honestly don’t know if this is an accurate thing to say.

UAG Monarch Case for the iPhone XS Max

Once again, the Monarch Case has one of those five-layers of protection. You can see that it has that typical UAG look that always reminds me of a complex belt buckle.

This particular Monarch has a metal alloy and leather, and it even has this odd kind of hexagonal pattern that feels like…I don’t know, rubber? I am told it is called a honeycomb traction grip.

It’s completely set-up for drop protection approved by the Military. What is really cool is that it is set-up for the wireless charging, which is odd, considering all the layers of protection.

This sound good for you, you can get the Monarch case for the iPhone XS Max on the UAG site for $59.95.

UAG Pathfinder Case for the iPhone XS Max

I’m sure that you can see the difference between the Pathfinder and the Monarch, as the black leather areas are kind of sanded over. Yeah, I wasn’t certain how to describe that, but then again, I never really know how to describe the shape of UAG cases.

While I couldn’t confirm the 5 layers of protection, the Pathfinder sure looks tough, and it is much lighter too. I am guessing it is made for the hikers, and is it just me, or does the color of Carmine that you see in the photo seem perfect for hiking?

Well, it is good for the military protection and the wireless charging, and the UAG Pathfinder case for the iPhone XS Max is available on the UAG site for $39.95.

UAG Pathfinder SE Case for the iPhone XR Max

Okay, I was glad to review the Pathfinder SE for the iPhone XR, because I have been wanting to review stuff for the iPhone XR for a while. Besides the size, this Pathfinder SE case for the XR isn’t that much different from the Pathfinder for the iPhone XS Max. You can see that the Pathfinder SE has some camo pattern, and that seems to be one big difference.

Anything else I can say about this would be a cut and paste, and I see no reason to do that. I guess that I will just say what I forgot to say and that it is feather-light and has some scratch resistant pads.

For some reason, the UAG Pathfinder SE for the iPhone XR is more expensive than the Pathfinder regular, as it is available on the UAG site for $49.95.

Blackloud’s Soundot AF1 Earphones Allow Access to FM Radio Without Wi-Fi

photo credit:Blackloud

What is Blackloud Soundot AF1?

These excellent earbuds, made specifically for iPhones, provides something that other earphones don’t. When these babies are plugged into your iPhone, you can access FM radio signal without WiFi access.

The Soundot app, available in the iTunes store, is user friendly. It allows for easy control of the FM tuner and adjusts Equalizer and Sound Effect settings.  You don’t need the app to enjoy music on these earphones, though. They have the ability to save EQ and sound effect settings into the headset. This way you can listen to quality music on other music apps and iOS devices.

As with other earphones, there is a microphone that allows you to take calls, or control Siri. The multi-function controller on the mic has controls to adjust volume and select between songs as well.

The bass is quality with its dual dynamic driver design.  The build overall is impressive, and you can experience the premium sound quality advertised on the box for yourself.

Soundot Specs

Driver size: 15mm and 7mm
Codec: 21-bit audio Codec with 24-bit DSP
Microphone: Omni-directional
Material: Metallic Case
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 11dB/mW at 1kHz

Looks Great! How do I buy the Soundot?

The Soundot is priced at $79.89 on the Blackloud website. Great Christmas present if you know someone who wants quality sound, and would like to listen to FM radio without needing WiFi!

Thanks to Blackloud for sending us this product to review free of charge in exchange for our honest and unbiased analysis. No other compensation has been given.

A Numerous Amount of ITSKINS Cases to Review

ITSKINS is a company based in China, but run by a French man. We’ve reviewed some of their great phone cases in the not so distant past. They just sent us a lot more to review. Some of these cases are repeats from before, but available for the new iPhones.
Buckle up. Here we go.

Nano Ice

All photos courtesy of ItSkins

These cases are slim and rigid. A basic case that has a clear back with trim in colors of black, light green, light blue, pink and purple. This is available for only the newer iPhone models as far as I can tell. Raised beveled edges will protect the front of your phone if placed on its face. $19.99 USD will pay for this case that is drop tested up to 1 meter.





Moving on up to the 2Meter drop protected cases, the SpectrumFolio offers drop protection, but also has RFID protection, which is meant to protect your credit cards that fit in the inside pockets of this case. The corners have airpocket technology to absorb and disperse shock. There’s also the honeycomb design on the inside that is known for absorbing shock as well. This case is available for $29.99 for the new iPhones, but also for some older ones and Samsung Galaxy phones, too. Many different colors to fit your style- you can check them out here.


Almost exactly the same as the case above, but this folio is made of real leather. Offered in black, black with red stitching, blue, white, or brown for $39.99, it offers the same protection as the above.






This case looks similar to the NanoIce, but it offers a dual layer protection up to a 2Meter drop. It has the same air cushion technology that their other cases offer at this level. The design is a crystal clear back with edges in red, green, pink, purple, black or clear. $25.99 will buy this protective case for your new iPhones and also the Galaxy Note 9.




In colors of black, sliver, rose pink, gold, and white mat, this case is backed with a 9H tempered glass panel. This is the first ever made Drop Certified cover of its kind. There’s a specialized blend of the HEXO-TEK technology for beauty and strength. A built-in magnet makes this case compatible with all ITSKINS magnetic mounting system. This design is also thin enough for wireless charging, and yet is anti-shock up to 2 Meters.


This case with a transparent cover, has soft, black bumpers, and a metallic-feeling frame. You can interchange different colors to make it fit your personality. The colors offered are rose gold, gold, black piano, silver, black matte, and space gray. For $29.99, this case can be bought to fit many iPhones and even Samsung Galaxy phones 6 and higher.



Itskins Spectrum

The Spectrum is another case that looks basic, but offers the level 2 drop protection. The translucent case is offered in colors of clear, black, purple, pink and light blue. $19.99 will buy this for new iPhones, and also for other phones that I’ve never heard about before. You can check to see if your phone is covered here.


And finally, we have the


This is an extreme impact case that has been drop tested up to 3 Meters! It has 4 layers of protection to give it great high impact absorption. The back of the case is frosted, and the sides are also available in different colors. Red, blue, baby pink, grey… just some of the colors available for the newest iPhones at $34.99.



We hope this gave you some ideas for new cases for Christmas. Thanks to ITSKINS for sending us these cases to review. Our analysis is our own, and not influenced by any monetary compensation.


Our Review of the ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker

We’re not really anglers, but we know people who are. If you like to fish, or know someone who does, this would be a good item for a Christmas stocking stuffer. This review is for the ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker.

photo credit:ANGLR

This little button doesn’t look like much, but this tiny little button comes with a clip that attaches to a lanyard,keychain, or other item. One click of the button will record catches with weather, water, and location details. Two clicks drops waypoints. All this information is helpful to anglers to keep track of vital data.

How does it work? An app that is free to install pairs your phone to this little button, and helps you track your fishing trip while building up your own personal data base of things like best days to fish, time of day, barometric pressure, lure colors, etc. You can share these things with other people if you desire, or keep your fishing secrets to yourself.

The button also has an adhesive backing in case you want to stick it to your hat or boat. There is nothing to charge. One button has a battery life of 2 years. The battery is not replaceable.

Here’s a video that explains it more:

This handy device is available for $29.99. You can buy packs of two or three as well, and save more. Get them as gifts for your fishing buddies, or have a spare in case you lose one.

Thanks to ANGLR for sending us this product for free to review. No other compensation was given in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis.

Pet Photo Saver Finds and Stores Pet Photos with Ease

We all know someone who loves their pets- a lot. I’m a dog lover, too. Our dog, Yuki, is a part of our family. Just like I want an organization of the photos of my kids, I also want to organize photos of my dog. The product I’m about to review will help with that.
photo credit- Pet Photo saver

This is the Pet Photo Saver. It’s a 16 GB storage device that plugs into your Apple or Android device. It pairs up with the free downloadable app. This app will only work if you buy the product, though.

The app detects your pictures of your pet and organizes them on to the device. It also connects to Facebook, so you can find those pictures, easily.  Within the app, you can order prints, accessories and other gifts. More than one drive can be connected to the app, and you can create different profiles for different pets.

Compatible devices for the Pet Photo Saver include: iPhone/iPad/iPod 6 and newer (iOS 10+) and most Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Nexus and other Android devices running OS 4.3+.

Our Yuki

If this is something that would make a good Christmas gift for the pet lover in your life, you can buy it for $89.99. Their website currently has a 15 percent off deal, so get in on it quickly!

Disclaimer:Pet Photo Saver sent us this product for free to review. Our opinions are our own. No other compensation has been given.

N-Range by SureCall Improves Cell Signal on the Road

It’s happened to all of us, or maybe most of us. Has it happened to you? Do you get dropped calls while out driving in the middle of nowhere? This product that I’m about to review will help with that issue. Last year we reviewed a similar product. Today, we are reviewing the N-Range by SureCall.

photo credit: Sure Call

What is N-Range?

This device by SureCall attaches to the roof of your vehicle via a magnet (or you could use the adhesive attachment option). Your signal is boosted to the nearest cell tower, so you can have a broader range. This is the most powerful cell phone signal booster available.

Installing N-Range

Installation is simple, and can be completed in 3 steps. The fin part sticks on top of the vehicle roof via magnet. The magnetic phone holder is connected to the fin by a cord. Once your phone is placed on the phone mount, you plug the 12v power adapter into your vehicle’s power port. It’s now ready to boost your signal. It’s so easy, you can transfer it to other vehicles as well.

Buying N-Range

We think this product that works for all cell phone carriers in the U.S. (and other countries as well), will be beneficial to those wanting more coverage on the road. If this is you, the N-Range can be purchased for $199.99 at, and also at other places like Best Buy.

Surecall sent us this product for free to review in exchange for our fair and honest analysis. No other compensation was given.