Check out LG’s Flexible 18-inch Display

Well, this is one time where words fail me, which is why I often just put a video here and just let the readers love it.

This is exactly what you thinking it is: a bendable screen. This footage comes to us from LG, and it is an 18-inch OLED display. It has a resolution of 1200 x 910, and someone can just roll it up.

Is this the way of televisions? Considering those big boxes on the shelf could be replaced by smaller tubes…I would welcome this era.


Review of Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar

Conquerors of KolharIt seems like I am doing a lot of reviews of Steam Games, and this one from Phoenix Online is a lot better than I thought. Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar might not be tied with any franchise that you have heard of, but I will be danged if the gameplay didn’t draw me in.

I’m not certain how to describe it, but it is mostly a Role-Playing Game, but with more emphasis on combat. What you are seeing here with screenshot is a typical fight in this game. I found this confusing at first, but essentially the fighting is done for you. What you the playing needs to do is change the warriors’ weapons, and do special moves. Eventually, you clear the level, and it is all about getting an artifact for a queen, or something.

Like I said, the emphasis in this game is on combat and not story. After a battle is over, you can exchange the spoils of war for a form of currency and make even more valuable stuff. You can also change characters, but I can’t seem to get my characters to get more special moves when the properly level up. Something tells me there is a glitch in this game, but it will probably be fixed.

In case I didn’t do a good job describing the excitement of this game, then you will have to trust me, it is very addicting. I mean, this is a generation that is addicted to Bejeweled and Candy Crush, why not something like this? I don’t think I have a price as yet, but when it comes out on Steam or any other platform, try it.

Vision Protective Shield from Konnet Care

Konnet CareI will have to say that I like my job of testing out products, but there are times where I try them out and cannot see the effects. The Vision Protective Shield from Konnet Care is one of these products.

The Vision Protective Shield stops a problem that you probably didn’t know that you had. According to the official site: “numerous neuron research had evidently illustrated that blue light and ultra-violet from LED screen of all electronic devices, such as smartphone, tablets, computer display, television, etc. adversely impact to our eyes”. In other words, the screens on our mobile devices can hurt our eyes.

I have no idea how much damage this can do for your eyes. In all honesty, the cell phone is pretty new technology, and I have heard some claim that cell phones have inherent radiation that will harm us over time. Tine will indeed prove these theories to be true, but I believe that a little prevention could help.

However, most users want a screen protector for their phone, so why not have one that can block out UV rays? Now, I can’t really see how it does it, which is why I included a video after the jump which attempts to show the difference.

You can get the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield for your smartphone for about $19.99, which covers most models. If you want it for the tablet, it costs about $24.99. You can find out more about it here.

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Simplehuman Part 2: The Sensor Mirror

SimpleHuman MirrorNow that I wrote about the Rechargeable Sensor Pump yesterday, I figure that I can cover another home accessory from Simplehuman, the Sensor Mirror.

The Sensor Mirror is made of stainless steel, and it feels at home in any type of room. In front of the mirror is a sensor that will turn the ring of light on if you step in front of it, and yet somehow knows when to shut off.

Now here’s the thing: you may not like what you see. You see, the mirror magnifies at about 5x, so it is an amazing close-up. The light is also good for simulating natural sunlight, and it shows just about every pore (whether you like it or not). For those who do make-up (which is not me) this is the mirror for it.

Like the Rechargeable Sensor Pump, the Sensor Mirror is USB chargeable. You might have to take it to a USB port for charging every once in a while, but it is a pretty good product on many levels.

You can purchase the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror on the Simplehuman site for about $200.00. This concludes our Simplehuman series, but I really want to review more from this company, honestly.

Tech Armor Samsung Galaxy S5 FlexProtect Case and HD Clear Screen Protector

Tech Armor Galaxy S5I mentioned that Tech Armor produces some very thin cases for the iPhone 5, and I had a chance to try out the FlexProtect Case for the Galaxy S5, as well as the HD Clear Screen Protector.

There isn’t really much that I can say about the FlexProtect Case for the Galaxy S5, other than the fact that it is the thinnest that I have ever seen. Sure, I have already said that before, but it really does keep the scratches away from the back.

As for the HD Clear Screen Protector, it protects. I’m not certain what else that I can say about this, but you need protection for the front of the phone on the touchscreen, so you should use this.

If you have a Galaxy S5, and you are looking for an inexpensive way of protecting it, then I will recommend this package. You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S5 FlexProtect Case + FREE HD Clear Screen Protector for about $16.95 on the Tech Armor site.

Simplehuman Part 1: The Rechargeable Sensor Pump

SimpleHuman recharge_sensor_pump_bars_v2_1You may notice the “Part 1” in the title, and this is because I had a chance to try out some Simplehuman products this week. I will start with the Rechargeable Sensor Pump, a definite way to get soap on your hands without the germs.

The Rechargeable Sensor Pump is made of brushed nickel that can hold 11 ounces of liquid soap. All you have to do is wave your hand underneath, and you will have 0.2 seconds of quick soap.

In other words, you can have the liquid soap without hitting the top of a dispenser. In case you are worried about clogs, it has a silicone valve to prevent those. By the way, the top opens up very easily so it is easy to put soap inside.

So how is it powered? Not by batteries. That’s right, you plug in the Rechargeable Sensor Pump with the included USB cord, and you have the power.

If you want to get some of this power on your bathroom or kitchen counter, head on over to the Simplehuman website and pay $70.00 for it. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Kusky Glosync Headphones glow to the beat of your music

KuskyLast week, I reported on the SOUNDSIGHT Kickstarter project, a pair of headphones that doubled as a life-logging video camera. Today, I reporting on a pair of headphones that are also unusual, the Kusky GloSync.

The Glosync is a pair of headphones that will glow while you are playing your music, and will even keep the beat. Just think of it as a way of giving your headphones life a personal soundtrack with matching lightshow. They even have a patented electroluminescent 3.5 cable that can glow as well.

In addition to the glowing feature, they also features advanced ear cushions to block out ambient noise. This means that you will have some good sound along with light, and it even comes with a built-in microphone with Smart Voice Commands.

Like the SOUNDSIGHT headphones, this is a Kickstarter project. Right now, it doesn’t have near enough funding as a neat product like this should have, but perhaps you can make the difference. I wouldn’t mind using these myself.

iSwimband is a way to keep kids safe from drowning

iSwimbandMuch of the time when I report on a gadget, it is because I encountered a situation where I needed it. For example, I was at the pool the other day with my kids, and since I have three, I have to keep track of them off and on. My third kid was playing in the shallow end, and I wanted to check in on him to make certain he wasn’t getting in any trouble.

If I had the iSwimband, I could use its power of water-detection coupled with a Bluetooth sensor to monitor my youngest. This iSwimband can send an alert to my smartphone if my child’s head went underwater. Assuming that I was nearby, I could quickly get to my kid before he drowned.

I have to admit, it might be easier to just watch my kid rather than depend on a headband like this. For those that might own a swimming pool and are worried that their children might accidentally fall might find it helpful.

Yeah, I honestly think that there is a definite market for this iSwimband. You should be able to purchase it for about $100 on the iSwimband site.


Speculative Fiction Saturday: Time Bandits, and other Terry Gilliam films

Time BanditsI’ve looked at a lot of the speculative fiction films of Terry Gilliam, and I guess I should probably talk about the one that “started it all”, Time Bandits. I am leaving out his Monty Python history, not to mention Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which some consider one of the funniest films of all time.

Time Bandits is a film that looks like it could be targeted to children, as its plotline seems rather juvenile. I mentioned in my review of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen that Gilliam’s films are often charged with imagination, almost too much, honestly. Time Bandits is certainly no exception, but what makes it interesting is how it is organized.

The film is about a young boy named Kevin who has his room invaded one night by a group of little people. These little men took a map from a Supreme Being, which shows that the fabric of reality has some holes in it. The map shows when and where the holes open, and where they lead. The little people take Kevin on a series of adventures across that space/time continuum that include meeting historical figures like Napoleon, Robin Hood, and Agamemnon. They also meet a giant and other fairy tale conventions, including an embodiment of Evil who wants to use the Map for his own plan.

Time Bandits was filmed on a pretty low budget of $5 Million dollars, which was probably a lot of money back in 1981. It certainly does have no lack of imagination, and the ending is a huge battle that uses all kinds of props from all different times. It is truly worth seeing if you can get a hold of it.

I figure this is also a good time to talk about other films in the Gilliam collection.

Brazil: I’m sure there are readers who wonder why I didn’t bring up Gilliam’s story of a dystopian future. Here is why: this film scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Maybe some day I will watch it again, and who knows if I will appreciate it as many do.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: In all honesty, I usually don’t see films that deal with drugs. This is also because they scare the hell out of me. That is, I’m sure they are accurate in showing at least some iota of what drug abuse is like, but I just don’t really want to know about that.

The Fisher King: I saw this film, but I don’t really remember it. I remember it deals with a radio announcer “shock jock” who meets a homeless man played by Robin Williams. I don’t remember really hating it, but it has a very odd message.

The Brothers Grimm: I’m pretty certain that no one saw this film. It is about the Brothers Grimm, who were apparently frauds, until they meet a real witch.

The Zero Theorem: This film is coming soon, and it is anticipated. I’ve heard that it is about a computer hacker trying to find the answer for life.

ThinkGeek has an R2-D9 USB Car Charger, just in time for Comic-Con

R2-D9 ChargerIn case you are not aware, there is a big comic-book convention going on in San Diego known as Comic-con. It is a huge gathering for almost everything comic-book related, and for some reason, all the movies and TV related things show up as well. ThinkGeek is having a special today on something Star Wars related, the R2-D9.

So what is the R2-D9? I have no idea. Everyone’s heard of R2-D2, and I’m pretty certain there was an R4 in the prequels. If R2-D9 is based on any character from the Star Wars movies, I sure don’t remember him…it.

At least the R2-D9 can do something really creative. Actually, it isn’t really that creative as I have seen a lot of mobile batteries. At least the R2-D9 can do it in a Star Wars manner as it looks like an astromech droid and will charge two USB devices with 2.1 Amps.

It fits perfectly in a cupholder, and you can pretend that you are some Rebel pilot or something. Yeah, that is pretty geeky, but it is available on ThinkGeek, with a Comic-con special for $39.99.