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Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Review

ReconChat-PS-PackagePhoto-1200x1200For the video gamer looking for a simple way to chat while playing on their PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One, or even mobile device, Turtle Beach has a relatively inexpensive answer: the Ear Force Recon Chat.

This product would primarily be used for chatting during a game. If you want to include your family and friends in the room with you during the game, this would definitely be the ideal way. Anyone can still hear the volume coming into/out of the ear cup. The description on the box says that this “Open ear-cup allows you to hear game audio in both ears.” Likewise, you can reverse what side you have your ear-cup on.

The shape of the earcup is unique to allow it to fit over glasses. That might be a bonus to many gamers. There isn’t a lot of padding to the headset, but it does feel reasonably comfortable. There’s not really a fair comparison to other Turtle Beach headsets that are more expensive. They aren’t bad for the price. You get what you pay for. Some gamers might prefer the non-bulky experience of this headset to the heavier ones that weigh you down after a while.

The mic does make your voice heard clearly, and it is adjustable, as well as having the toggle on the wire for volume control, or to mute the mic. This gaming audio product is not yet available in the U.S., but you can pre-order one on the Turtle Beach site for $19.95. It is anticipated to ship starting May 15th. You can either get blue for PS4, or green for XBox.

Disclaimer: Turtle Beach sent this free product to TheGeekChurch in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received, and this review is not influenced in anyway by the company.

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A Review of the iblazr

Needing an extra light when you are taking a selfie with your front facing phone camera? Is your tablet missing a flash? The iblazr can help with that! th (1)

When testing it out on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I had some problems getting the free iblazr companion app to work. The answer given to the similar reviews in Google Play was to download the Shotlight app(also free). Unfortunately, I did not have the room on my phone to do so. I did download it to my LG tablet, and found the program to be useful with the ability to adjust iso, focus and exposure. I found that I couldn’t get the iBlazr flash to go off automatically when I wanted to take a picture. I had to push the button on top of the flash to turn it on and adjust the brightness. The video below shows how you can adjust the brightness from your phone.

Iblazr is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The 1 x 1.25 in device weighs 10 grams and easily plugs into the headphone jack on your device. It can shine as bright as 270 Lux while used as a flash on the phone, and has the ability to be dimmed. It will flash 500 times before you need to recharge it. Charging USB cord, small stand and soft case included. The original iblazr can be purchased on for $34. On the iblazr shop, you can buy it for $39.99. There’s also a premium aluminum one for $10 more. They now have the 2nd generation iblazr2 available for pre-order also.

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KiiTAG Bluetooth 4.0 Item Finder

CaptureIf you’re anything like me, this item from Life n Soul would be a gadget that would come in handy. The KiiTAG Bluetooth 4.0 Item Finder promises to help you to never lose your item!

We received the item finder to review a couple of weeks ago. Even though it said on the package that it was only compatible with iPhones, the app was recently made available in the Google Play Store, and the KiiTag does, in fact, work on my Samsung GalaxyS4.

When I set up the App on my phone, my daughter and I played a couple of games of hide-and-seek with my keys. The signal got stronger as we were closer to the keys, but it was still not very easy to locate the precise position of them. I would prefer something with noise like a metal detector when I get close to the object, that it would buzz or beep really loud. Even a flashing light on the fob would improve it greatly.

CaptureThe app features an alarm that will go off(can be disabled) if the item goes out of range from your phone. It will show you the last place your item was seen- again, not down to the nitty gritty spot, but you can see if your item was last seen at home, or at your local coffee shop. You can assign up to 10 items with their own KiiTags on one phone. You might be out of luck if you lose your phone, though.

If you lose an item, you can report it missing, and others in your community can help you look for it(assuming they have the app. Unless you report your item missing, no one will have access to your KiiTag. Once you register your KiiTag, it will only be able to be used by you.

There are other add-ons like a camera remote($3.99), auto message sender($4.99), and phone finder(99 cents). These are all purchased through the KiiTAG shop within the app. KiiTAG can be purchased for $19.99 a piece on the LifenSoul website.

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Life n Soul Mini Water Resistant Speaker

th This little gadget makes a big sound! If you want a portable bluetooth speaker to listen to your device’s music on the go, I think this would be a good investment! The bonus is that it is water resistant against splashing water from any angle! You can listen to your music while riding your bike in the rain!

Mark was introduced to Life n Soul before with other products like the MT 101 Bluetooth earbuds. They make other products, too, like other Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. I’ll be reviewing another product by them that will locate lost objects in a later post. I’ve enjoyed testing out this Bluetooth speaker they sent us to review.

The speaker is easy to set-up. There is a USB cable to charge it. Once charged, it paired up with my phone quickly and painlessly. There are no apps you have to download to get it to work. Once paired, my phone automatically brought up my music, and I was amazed at the sound quality that came out of it! It took me a minute to figure out after the volume controls on the speaker weren’t going any louder, that I just needed to adjust the volume on my phone. The bass is impressive for this tiny thing, and I like that that it glows and flashes when it is on. The BM101 comes in black, blue, pink, purple, or white. There’s a stretchable strap so you can attach it to your backpack, bike handles, or wear it on your wrist.

Life n Soul sells this product for $24.99 on their website, and can also be found on Amazon, or in stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Staples- to name a few.

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Acme Made Charge™ for iPhone 6

CaptureAcme Made sent us this nifty little case for the iPhone 6 (also comes for the 6 Plus). It’s called Charge™, but it is not a case that will charge your phone. Instead, it has a kickstand that comes out(the red part). Underneath the kickstand lies the secret to the case- a little Lightning to USB cable that snaps out, so you can hook your phone into a USB port.

I suppose this could be useful if you have your laptop with you, and you don’t want to forget your USB connecting cable. The world might be a better place if there were USB ports in all electrical outlets, of course.

CaptureBut in the meantime, unless you have your computer with you, you will have a hard time finding a place to plug this into, I think. I could see the usefulness of having this cord hiding in your case if you are always misplacing your charging cord.

The case itself is an impact resistant, polycarbonate, and the kickstand allows you to view your phone while it’s charging in both portrait and landscape mode.

You can purchase Charge™ for $49.95 on the Acme Made website.

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Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air

Ergo iPad CaseWe received the Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air from Acme Made to review. If you like to use your iPad while walking around, you definitely want to look into this product!

The Ergo Book Sling has an adjustable/removable strap that allows you to carry your iPad like a purse (or a Murse), and you don’t even have to take it all the way out to use it while you are strolling along. You can simply slide your device out a bit if you need to take a picture, or you can rotate it using the QuickSpin 360™ feature to view your tablet in a landscape view. There is a pocket to carry credit cards or other items- so you don’t even have to carry a separate wallet- perfect for the person always on the go. I would exercise caution, though, and not try to walk while using your device, or you could end up like that person who fell in the mall fountain while walking and texting.

When you are not wearing it to use your iPad on the go, you can detach the straps, and the Ergo book sling folds to become a stand for the device- which can also be viewed in a horizontal or vertical position. The case comes in a super slim design and has a smooth and stain-resistant outer shell. You can also buy it in a size for your iPad Mini. Note that it will not hold an iPad Air 2, and they currently have no plans to make one for that size, but may reconsider if there is a high enough demand.

The Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air is available for purchase for $79.95 on AcmeMade’s site and also in the Apple store.

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ZNitro Glass Screen Protectors

We were sent these tempered glass screen protectors from ZNitro to review. ZNitro cases are claimed to be Hammer Tested™, scratch proof, resistant to smudges and fingerprints, and have superior hardness.

Here’s a video that shows how to apply, and shows the hammer test as well as its scratch resistance.

I did not do the hammer test on my phone. I did place the protector on my phone to see how well my finger could glide over the screen, and found that to be smoother than the current protector- which is plastic. My phone is different from the style provided to us(iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), so I did not try applying it.

There are mixed reviews on Amazon about these screen protectors. Some have found that they chip and crack easy(but they have saved the phone’s screen. One person replaced the product 4 times in six months and paid $12.99 each time with the warranty ZNitro provides. Several people complained that the screen interfered with some phone functions(calls were muted, light sensor, etc.), but that could be due to improper fitting on their phone. Others had no complaints at all.

The screen covers come in a variety of colors for the iPhone and Galaxy S4, but for the S5 and other styles of phones, it is limited to clear, black, or white. Most screens run at about $39.99 on the ZNitro website. You can also opt for a privacy screen on some for $10 more. seems to be selling these for around $20.

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Luci Lux and Luci EMRG by MPOWERD

Luci LIteAs a mom of two Cub Scouts, one of whom is becoming a Boy Scout this month, I’m excited to have the opportunity to review these two solar lanterns from a CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Luci EMRG.

These inflatable, solar powered lanterns are waterproof- a great solution for the outdoor life. They are compact when deflated. and lightweight, so they would be great to carry in a pack for an overnight camp-out. They’re also good to have in the car or around the house for emergency lighting during a power outage.

The Luci Lux is slightly bigger than the EMRG with 10 LED lights. It has 3 settings- bright, super bright, and flashing. It still only weighs 4 oz, and will run 12 hours max on the bright setting. 8 hours is the full charge time on the solar panels. You can purchase the Lux for $19.99.

Luci Lux - 2The EMRG is smaller and more compact with 4 LED lights that still are pretty powerful. This one has 4 settings- bright, super bright, flashing, and an SOS mode-which flashes red and white light. It weighs 2.5 oz. It can give up to seven hours of light if at full charge, and if not used, it will keep 95% of it’s charge each month, so you can use it straight out of the drawer or bag, even if you have not charged it that day. The EMRG is well-priced at $9.99. You can buy these and other Luci lanterns on their website

The most impressive thing about this company is their goal to provide their product to developing countries- those in need of “Solar Justice.” You can help put lights into the hands of those living in energy poverty by giving a donation of $14.99 for the first light, and $9.99 for each additional light. You can learn more about MPOWERD’s Give Luci program here.

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Skechers’ New Interactive Shoe- Game Kicks

Skechers 2Skechers kids’ shoes are known to be very cool- especially the ones that light up.  At CES 2015, Skechers presented their new shoes called Game Kicks.  Many parents of kids probably remember playing the game of Simon.  Did any of us think that someday our kids could be playing the game on their shoes?  Well, now they can!

Skechers sent us a pair of the boys’ Damager-Game Kicks in a size for our youngest son (cue jealousy in the older two kids). The shoes are very sturdy, have great treads on the soles, and are very stylish and cool. My son likes the fact that if he is bored, he can pick his foot up, rest it on his knee and have instant entertainment wherever he goes!

SkechersSkechers also sells these shoes in two different colors for girls- one black/multi-colored, and the other silver/multi-colored. The girls’ style has flowers buttons to push, instead of the blocks that the boys’ style has. The sole of the shoe doesn’t have the cool tread that the boys’ style has, either. Skechers might consider that girls- even the little ones- are not always flowery and might like a more rugged sole, too!

These shoes recently released January 25th, are available on Skechers’ website for $65. They come in kids’ sizes 10.5 to 4. Maybe they’ll come in my size someday so I don’t have to steal my son’s shoes when they are off his feet.

The battery life is said to be about 80 hours of continuous play or 6 months- which is the life of the shoe. The sad part about this is that if these shoes are passed down to some other kid, they might not get to enjoy the interactive feature on the shoe. Good news for parents- the sound can be turned off if you can’t take any more noise in the car!

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Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Kidz Gear

Jayden likes his new headphones!

The kids always enjoy when Mark comes home from CES bearing gifts of product samples and swag from the convention. This year, we had the privilege of receiving a set of headphones for each of our three children from Kidz Gear.

Kidz Gear headphones are designed with kids in mind. The main feature is the KidzControl volume limit that maintains a safe limit of volume of up to 80% of maximum volume. There is a built-in volume knob to control the range of volume(within the safety limit). It puts a parent’s mind at ease that young eardrums are being protected.

These headphones are offered in a variety of colors, and at a great price of $19.99. They are very good quality and comfortable- even for this grown-up who sometimes steals her kids’ headphones on occasion.

Kidz Gear1There are also these headphones with the built in boom-microphone for $29.99. My daughter got a pair of these, and they are good for her on-line school since she needs to use a microphone to communicate in the virtual classrooms. The microphone can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Go check out these products at You can get a free carry bag with the purchase of the headphones, and a free splitter when you order two- which can come in handy when you have more than one kid wanting to listen to something on the computer at the same time, and you want the peace and quiet.

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