LG G4 gets a release date

LG G4It seems like I can’t stop reporting about the LG G4, the company’s flagship phone and follow-up to the popular LG G3. We have already reported on the company’s official debut on April 28th, which means we had an announcement of an announcement, or something.

Now I am getting some interesting news saying that the LG G4 release date is going to be on May 31st. The information comes from a Korean website, which means that the LG G4 might make its way around Korea before it comes to the states.

One thing to notice is that it will have a carbon-like front and a leather back. The Leather is something of a new touch, as this hasn’t been a part of the rumored specs. For example, it is rumored to have a 5.5 inch Quantum Display LCD display, possibly QHD resolution, not to mention a battery of 3,000 mAh and microSD slot. Then there is the 13 Megapixel Camera or 16 Megapixel camera, but we have heard that there will be a f/1.8 camera with an infrared color accuracy sensor.

There are a lot of colors available on the leather look. I suppose that we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see what the LG G4 really has in store, but perhaps you might like that little preview.


Sony announces the Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4Sony has recently announced the latest in their flagship Android phone series, the Xperia Z4, the follow-up to the popular Xperia Z3. This has been a very long-awaited smartphone probably should have shown up at CES and Mobile World Congress 2015.

The Xperia Z4 flagship phone has a full metal body and will have a 5.2 inch screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution. The camera on the rear is quite something at 20.7 Megapixels, and the front-facing one is also pretty advanced for its kind at 5.1 Megapixels. Inside will be a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 with 3 GB RAM with 32 GB of storage, upgradeable up to 128 GB with the microSD slot.

As an added bonus, the handset is IP6 certified for dust and IP5 and IP8 certified for water. This means that it is protected against “Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction” and can be submerged to 4.92 feet for as long as 30 minutes without damages.

The battery will be at 2930 mAh, and the phone is 6.9 mm thin, weighing in at 144 grams. Compared to the Xperia Z3, it has taken off weight as the Z4 is 8 grams lighter, and it is also .4 mm thinner.

Of course, the Sony Xperia Z4 will have the latest version of Android, Lollipop (also known as Android L or Android 5.0), right out of the box. I am told that it will be making an appearance in Japan this summer, but I don’t have a price or more exact release date.


The iBaby Monitor M6

iBabyIt has been a while since I have reviewed a baby monitor on this blog, but then again, it has been a while since I needed one. I decided to review it, as every house needs an extra eye these days.

I’m going to have to say that I truly love the design of the iBaby Monitor M6. As you can see, it has a look of two joined balls, one large and one small. The purpose of these is to turn so you can always see your baby at whatever angle that you wish in real-time. You will note its white minimalist spherical look, which will fit right in the age of Apple.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the technical know-how to do this, then I understand. Most mothers and fathers aren’t really that tech-savvy, and after having a baby, the last thing that you want to think about is calibrating some new gadget. In the case of the iBaby Monitor M6, you just download the iBaby Care App and connect the cables. It works with Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G LTE.

The camera is a 720p HD which allows you the user to snap HD photos and record HD videos as well, so you can post them if you want to. Of course, you don’t have to, because the iBaby has an integrated social platform to sharing a baby’s live journal, parenthood experience, or ask questions and receive advice from peers.

Another terrific feature is the Voice Recorder, which allows the parent or caregiver to leave a personal audio message as a lullabye or some other way to calm the child. There is also a music player and two-way audio as well.

If this is something that you want, you can get the M6 on the iBaby on the iBaby Labs site for about $199.95.

Speculative Fiction Saturday: Snowpiercer

SnowpiercerOkay, I can understand if you have never heard of this one. It has a lot of star power with Chris Evans, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, and Jamie Bell. I believe that this is a foreign film, as it was not made in America, and there are some good and bad things about this film.

Snowpiercer is about a train of the same name, and it carries the last survivors of the human race. Apparently, there was some attempt to stop global warming, and it overcompensated. The film opens with some text saying that there is no longer life on Earth, and then promptly contradicts itself by showing life on this train.

The film opens by showing the back of the train, which is the home to passengers that were apparently thrown on the train just before it hit the rails. There is some kind of hierarchy going on with this train, so those in the back of the train are the lower class, and there is some upper class 1 percent towards the engine.

One of the reason why I like this film is that it is practically allegory, using the train to symbolize the class system. The problem is that this symbolism is really shoved in your face, and it feels like a by-the-book parable.

Okay, there is a lot of suspension of disbelief that has to happen here. First, this train goes around these tracks on an annual route, but it it is snowing as bad as they say, then wouldn’t the tracks be blocked? Seriously, there is no way this train would still be going, honestly.

Also, there is a matter of food. In the film, the poor are given this black Jello stuff, and they show later where this comes from. At first I was thinking it was people, kind of like Soylent Green, but it ends up being insects. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but where do the bugs come from?

I also don’t know how this train could have got its caste system, but it sure the heck does it. I will have to say that I like the premise of Snowpiercer, but some premises are harder to pull off, and this film goes a route that is a little too preachy. It also has an ending that doesn’t make a lot of sense either. It is on Netflix, so perhaps you can give it a chance if you have a subscription.

Super Trailer Thursday: Star Wars The Force Awakens and Batman V. Superman

Okay, clearly you would have to be living in a galaxy far far away to not know this, but there was another trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The moment that I heard about it, I could hear the Star Wars theme from tablets and smartphones.

I’ll have to be honest, it looks very cool. Unfortunately, a lot of the trailer is a bunch of nifty special effects and characters that I don’t really know. However, it ends with Han and Chewie saying “we’re home”.

Yes, I want to see Han and Chewie again, even though they are old and I don’t see Luke and Leia. Also, where are C-3PO and R2-D2? All I’m getting is that droid on a ball. The moment that it ended, all I said was: “I’m not falling for this”. Yeah, I remember all the hype with Star Wars Episode I. Remember the nifty special effects and some characters that I don’t recognize, with a few familiar faces. Remember when I said that I don’t really want to see any more Star Wars? I actually think that I meant it.

Okay, there is another trailer that has shown up, but it was not planned. The long awaited Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was intended to be seen on certain iMAX theaters, but it leaked on the Internet.

I decided not to put it here, because the video that I saw was choppy at best. There wasn’t much to see on it, other than dialogues about the presence of Superman on Earth. Then it shows Batman attempting to fight Superman, for some reason.

Yeah, there isn’t much here on any of these trailers to show anything about these films. I suppose that there wouldn’t be any spoilers, but still, they’ll tease this for a while.

If you want my opinion, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Brothers leaked the Batman V. Superman trailer to compete against the Star Wars trailers. Begun the Disney/Marvel and Warner Brothers/DC wars have.

Huawei P8 unveiled

Huawei P8Perhaps you have never heard of Huawei, but they make a lot of good smartphones for the International market. They may not have a name as big as Samsung, or Apple, but they are out there in many nations.

Today, the company unveiled the Huawei P8, part of the new P series. The Huawei P8 has an full-metal unibody with a 5.2-inch screen with a very thin screen at 6.4 mm. Other specs include a 13 Megapixel camera on the back and an 8 Megapixel camera on the back.

The Huawei P8 should be out in Europe in May 2015 for about 499 euros for the 16 GB edition and 599 euros for the 64 GB edition. It comes in four colors including mystic champagne, prestige gold, titanium gray, and carbon black.


Guitar Hero Live coming this Fall

Guitar Hero LiveI think we all remember the age of the music game, with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Well, you might be pleased to know that Guitar Hero will be making a comeback with Guitar Hero Live.

There will be some updates to Guitar Hero from Activision. The first will be GH Live, a feature that will allow the player to go up in front of a crowd and perform in front of either a small or large crowd. Then there is the GHTV, the “world’s first playable live music video network”.

Then there are some other changes to the guitar controller. There will be six buttons and not five frets like there was before. Also, Guitar Hero Live will be available off the console with mobile platforms, so you will be able to play Guitar Hero Live on a tablet or smartphone.

Guitar Hero Live will be available on Fall 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PS4, Sony PS3, and the Wii U. There is no word of a specific release date or what kind of mobile devices that it will be designed for. It can be pre-ordered at select retailers worldwide.

Okay, so now Rock Band 4 is coming out, so are we facing another music gaming fad?

Apple will have WWDC 2015 on June 8th

WWDC 2015Apple is planning to have their annual Worldwide Developers Convention (WWDC), and they are planning it on June 8-12 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

According to Apple, the WWDC will be a time where Apple’s developer community “will come together to learn about the future of iOS and OS X”, and there will be “more sessions than ever before streamed to developers”.

Of course, that is not much news unless you are a developer for Apple, but what might interest the casual reader is that something might be announced. WWDC has often been used by Apple to announce certain new products. Perhaps the newest iPhone or iPad could be announced.

It could be the iPad Pro/Plus. Tech Times reports that a popular analyst has stated that Apple is planning a release date for the iPad Pro/Plus later this year. A 12.9 inch display would match the display of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which are available in 13-inch display versions. The presence of a 12-inch tablet would change the playing field for Apple’s applications, as a larger screen would allow users more freedom.

In addition to the rumors of a larger screen, there have also been rumors that the iPad Pro/Plus would come with a stylus as well. This seems odd as Steve Jobs was not very pro-stylus, but the former CEO did not have any input on the Apple Watch, so it is up to Apple to come up with new designs for its products like its flagship tablet.

I believe that iOS 9 will be making an appearance, so then it will show up later. In the meantime, iOS 8.4 is planned for release soon.

CJ 4DPlex could create some interesting theater experiences

4-D filmWhen Avatar first hit the theaters in 2009, it was a terrific way that 3D got people back into the movie houses. People actually saw that film several times, and I can’t remember when that has ever happened. There were a lot of 3D imitations after that, but the fad (which has happened several times in several eras) has passed, honestly.

The only thing left to do after 3D is 4D, and CJ 4DPlex recently showed off their 4D tech at CinemaCon, a tradeshow in Las Vegas. The purpose of a 4D show, as seen in amusement parks, is to create a sense of stimulation while watching a film. I remember seeing Honey, I Shrunk the Audience at EPCOT center, and it had moving seats and spraying effects to simulate what was happening on screen.

Here is the problem with 4D, the story around it is all effects. I don’t want to be in an era where all the films require a rainstorm, wind, or some other kind of thing to really use the 4D. Can you imagine the conversations with the screenwriters, where theater owners just have to have certain effects in film? Come on, you can shoe-horn in a storm in this scene, can’t you?

Well, as long as your movies are audience-pleasers, then I suppose the CJ 4DPlex is the way of the future. Oh no.


Gillette has Avengers-themed razors?

Gillette AvengersI know that with Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out in May, there is going to be a lot of toys for it. And there are with Lego and Hasbro, but Gillette has some Avengers toys for adults.

Okay, it isn’t what you think with that “adult toy” comment. Basically, they are razors with themes of the Avengers. They include Iron Man with an Arc Reactor, Captain America with a shield, Thor with a hammer, and the Incredible Hulk, which is…green.

Okay, everything that I have seen seems to show that these Avengers razors are a joke. Still, I think it is interesting that there are toys marketed for adults, like Game of Thrones action figures, for example.

In other words, for something that is a joke, I don’t see why Gilette would market these razors for adults. Of course, it would put down those who are starting to shave. However, I just can’t resist the coolness of this idea, and there could be a Black Widow model for the lady legs.