Bodyguardz Ace Pro Case and Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 7

bodyguardz-ace-proWelcome to another edition of Bodyguardz! Let’s see what we got here, and this time, it is from the iPhone 7! Yeah, I get pretty excited about these products, and maybe I should.

I’ll go ahead and start with the Ace Pro Case with Unequal Technology for the Apple iPhone 7. I am not certain what makes it Unequal, but I will have to say that the case is a lot more pliable than it looks. I mean, you would think that case would be a hardcase, but it’s not. Actually, I just checked on what is Unequal, and this is apparently what athletes use on the field for impact protection.

Well, it certainly protects the back of the iPhone 7, as well as the sides of it as well. There is also some raised bezel made to protect the front of the device.

If you want this, it come in a lot of color schemes like Smoke/Black, Clear/Gray, Pink/White, Blue/White, and a strong women edition for about $34.95 on the Bodyguardz site.

bodyguardz-pure-2Now, in case you need some protection for the front, Bodyguardz has a screen protector for the iPhone 7 for the Pure 2. These two things are practically made for each other, and I can’t help but wonder if this is part of the plan.

Apparently, this Pure 2 screen protector is made from a tempered glass known as Aluminosilicate. I never heard of this particular material, and I don’t think it was just made up for product. This is much better than the soda-lime glass in other screen protectors. This Aluminosilicate, which I hope I didn’t misspell, is 5 times more scratch resistant, with a 25 percent increase in drop performance, and 25 percent lower visibility of scratches.

Best of all, it is very easy to apply. It is available to purchase on the Bodyguardz site for about $39.95.

Audiofly, Part 2: The AF120 In-Ear Monitors

audiofly-af120Okay, once again, we have another chance to look at Audiofly products, and you know that I am not going to give them a bad review. That might sound biased, but unless Cadillac made a really crappy car, I am not going to give them a bad review. The AF120 are not the over-the-ear headband headphones that I reviewed the other day, but they are something.

So what makes them something? According to Audiofly, it is because the dynamic driver and the balanced armature driver are stronger together. These hybrid dual drivers are what gives the great and crisp response, and you will again have to take my word for it when I say that it is great.

The cord is something that I am told is built for the road, as well as the stage. With something like this, you want something light as well as smooth near your ears, and the AF120 delivers that.

Included with the accessories are the airline adapter, 1/4 inch TRS jack adapter, and a cleaning tool. There are also three sizes of dome silicon tips, tri-flange silicon tips, and even some Comply Premium Earphones tips. There is also a storage wallet, and it includes all the accessories. Now that is style.

If this is something that you want, you can get it on the Audiofly site for about $199.99. If you that that is charging too much, then you really have to ask yourself where you can find better sounding earbuds. I’m sure that audiophiles know the answer to that one.

MOXYO Products: Avenue Premium Earbuds, USB Portable Powerbank, and Mia Lightning Cables

moxyo-avenue-earbudsI’ve had a great chance to review some great products from MOXYO, and I’m going to talk about three this time, but I am hoping that I can review more, as this appears to be quite a company.

We’ll start with the Avenue earbuds. In case you are wondering why it is called the Avenue, it is apparently a reference to the Avenues of downtown Salt Lake City.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up, but these have 8 mm drivers with high end brushed aluminum housing for higher clarity audio. There is a soft touch, tangle-free flat cable, and it has one of those microphones with a call/pickup button.

What is interesting is how inexpensive they are for just $29.99 at the MOXYO site.

moxyo-portable-powerThis next MOXYO product isn’t anything that I haven’t seen before, and I have said that we need more of these. After all, the problem with most smartphones and tablets is you need one of these mobile batteries, especially for activities like Pokemon GO and so forth.

The Portable Powerbank has a 2600 Amh in it, and it is made to give a smartphone for at least one full charge. It is designed to be cylindrical, so it can fit in your back pocket.

By the way, it comes with a 6-inch micro-USB charging cable, and it even comes with a full charge with it. I would imagine that might have been a little difficult to make this product with it.

If you want the Portable Powerbank, it can be purchased on the MOXYO site for $24.99.

moxyo-charge-and-sync-cableI suppose that this last item isn’t that remarkable, but MOXYO knows how to make a rechargeable cable interesting. It is a durable wire that has a six foot cable (or 3 foot, but the one I tried was double).

This is the Mia, which is a Charge and Sync Cable with a Lightning cable. In case what you are wondering why it is called the Mia, it apparently stands for Miami International Airport. Man, what is with these weird names for this?

You should be able to purchase it on the MOXYO site for about $24.99.

Audiofly Review, Part 1: The AF240 Headphones

audiofly-af240Oh, there is one of those products that is really gourmet when it comes to sound, and that is Audiofly. I have been following this company for a very long time, and it feels like Audiofly has been continuously improving for the past few years.

I actually think this is the first time that I have ever tried any of their over-the-ear headphones, but it certainly has a great polycarbonate body with the alloy arms. As for the specs, they have that 40 mm single membrane neodymium driver. What is really interesting is that these are self-adjusting, so it is made to seamlessly fit over your head.

Now, if you are wearing any over-the-ear headphones, then you know the importance of cutting off the rest of the world so you can listen to your audio. Trust me when I say that it has some serious noise isolating memory foam, so you can keep the 20dB in between your ears and the phones.

So, what else does it have? Well, let me tell you about the cable, as it is this Audioflex cable that is braided so it is flexible as it is durable. It’s pretty cool, as is the mic and control button, which is compatible to Apple and Android devices.

In addition to these AF240 Headphones with their supreme specs, this also comes with a canvas carry bag with a terrific microfiber lining.

I would say that if you are one of those audiofiles that really wants great sound, and you are willing to pay a little more, head on to the Audiofly site and pay $274.99 for this.

Kick and Fennick Game Review

kick-and-fennick2I’m just going to say that I think that Kick and Fennick is a great game, just like Clustertruck was. It’s kind of funny, because most reviews give this a game a 6 or 7 out of 10, but I believe it should get at least an 8.

Kick and Fennick starts off showing some future world that looks like it is out of sixties and seventies sci-fi films. Most of the background is white, so everything has that really sterile look that really makes the atmosphere. The opening spotlights Kick, who is a little kid, and it feels like you are about to watch a hidden gem of a sci-fi film, like Logan’s Run or THX-1138.

Kick awakes to find a robot named Fennick that looks like a Fennec fox, at least in the ear department. Kick wakes up in what looks like to be some kind of cybernetic cryogenic sleep, and nearly falls to his doom. Fennick saves him, but his power supply, which is this Christmas tree light on his tail, is depleted and broken. Kick realizes that there is a power source on top of a huge building, and there is one way to do that. The best part of this sequence is that the story is told without a word of dialogue, which also makes the atmosphere of this game.

Kick finds this big gun that has such a powerful kick (pun intended), that it makes him fly up in the air. Oh, he can also shoot things with that gun as well. Most of the action takes place around this gun, and it can be fired again in the air, and time slows when it is time to aim. I enjoy that this time-slowing aiming effect, and it also makes this game.

This is a game where you are solving levels, and there is this weird big robot in the background. What is interesting is that from the get-go, I have no idea what the story is. Since I am reviewing the game, I haven’t seen if the entire storyline is revealed by the end of the game. I mean, why is Kick in cryo-sleep, and where did this robot come from. Can it be told without a word of dialogue?

You can find out more about Kick and Fennick on the main website here.

Another Game Review with Clustertruck: A Game So Cool it Ought to be a Movie!

clustertruckI will have to say that Clustertruck is one of those games that doesn’t have a set-up, but action. Imagine you are watching a film where the main character has to get from Point A to Point B, and it can only be done by hopping on the back of semi trucks.

What is this, the opening to a reboot for the Smokey and the Bandit franchise? Not unless the roads look like something from the age of Mad Max. Now imagine yourself as the main character.

That’s right, you get to jump from from semi truck to semi truck, and even a Matrix sequel wouldn’t do something this crazy. I mean, you would have to be in some virtual world to have this amount of semis on the road.

So, you have to jump on the top of these trucks, and you had better not land on the ground or you die. Also, if you hit some obstacle that kills the trucks, you die. There are lots of ways to die, but rest assured when I tell you will feel like you are really living when you play this game.

Seriously, this game is one of the most virtual adrenaline-fueled games that you will ever play. My kids were getting into this game, and so was I. The gameplay is simple to learn but it sure is hard to pass levels. Once you die, you will be in a hurry to reset, I can tell you.

I will have to say that Clustertruck is worthy of trying, but more worthy of buying. You can find it on Steam for $14.99.

Our Game Review of Zenith

zenith-1When someone says the word “Zenith”, I think of a series of TVs that I don’t believe are being made anymore. Zenith is a terrific game that is part science fiction and fantasy, but all RPG.

The issue with Zenith is that the description on Steam doesn’t really fit the game that I actually played. It says that “you won’t need to piece the story together by yourself as if it was a Swedish chair”. However, in this game, it starts off in a very obvious fantasy setting and then a starship shows up. To make it even more complicated, this weird emperor guy shows up along with a lot of side characters that don’t seem to add much to the plot.

What is interesting in this game is that you play a mage, and it clearly meant to be totally satirical. The issue is that it is an R-rated satire going on, with at least the swearing in the dialogue. Much of the satire is based on conventions of what you know from fantasy RPG games, and what is supposed to happen vs. what does happen.

zenith-2So what is it like? Well, you walk around and kill enemies, and collect gold and armor. Yes, it sounds like any particular fantasy RPG game, and there is even some puzzle solving going on. I found that going through the dungeons was a lot like The Legend of Zelda, with less puzzles and mapping, and more about destroying enemies. I found that there are a lot of enemies and you need a lot of healing potions to get through. At least I did. There was a big boss at the end that took a while for me to defeat.

I want to talk about the graphics. They can be very beautiful at times. Just look at the building in the background there. I wish some of the character animation was given more work. There was a scene where characters are looking around at an object, and these background characters turn their entire bodies. The animation looks rather PS1 vs. the PS4 that I played it on.

On the whole, I would have to recommend this game, which can be purchased on Steam for $14.99

KINTA Clear iPhone 6/6S Cases

kinta-iphone-6Some of you might be wondering why I am reviewing a case made for the iPhone 6/6S when there is the iPhone 7 out there. Well, this particular company of Kinta hasn’t made a case for the iPhone 7 yet.

I might as well get this out of the way and say that the Kinta case for the iPhone 7 is available on Kickstarter, but I had the chance to try out the one for the iPhone 6/6S. Kinta is a Japanese company that really prides itself in being Japanese, as they are made by Japanese workers and are manufactured in Nagoya, which is known for its automobile industry.

The cases themselves are clear and they come in many colors. They are made of silicon and polycarbonate, and they are quite flexible and somewhat soft to the touch. These are the types of cases that slip on the iPhone like a sock.

I wasn’t really able to find much about the iPhone 6 clear case, but I found some trace of it on Amazon. I found it for about $9.99, which is a pretty low price for a case.

HookUpz 2.0 from Carson (IS-200)

hookupz-2-0_19-600x600So, I’ll be reviewing a lot of iPhone 7 accessories and pretty much everything else for the holiday season, and this particular product is from Carson (or Carson Optical, in case the company has re-branded or something). This is the HookUpz 2.0, which is clearly a sequel, and I tried to use the best picture that I could to show you what it could do.

Simply put, it connects a smartphone to something optic like binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, borescopes, slit lamps, night vision and more. How does it do that?

Well, you put the iPhone 7 or other compatible smartphone (it can do many) or even phablets in this cradle, and then you connect it to the optic thing. The HookUpz 2.0 is made to handle anything with a an outer eyepiece diameter of 25-58 mm.

It looks a little awkward, but you can make recordings that are boosted by your optics on your smartphone or phablet. I am sure that this is a thing, because who wouldn’t want to some more magnification on their smartphone?

You should be able to get the HookUpz 2.0 on the Carson site, for an MSRP of $89.

Toast Wood Cover for the iPhone 7

toastI have written about Toast products before, as they have products from Portland and they love to put birds on them. Of course, there is a great products for the iPhone 7.

Unlike other cases, that are usually a huge plastic chunk that you shove your iPhone in, this is a cover that you can stick on. It comes with some interesting adhesive that requires some extra if you have the model in black. Yes, the company told me that, and I am going to make a point of it here.

So yes, you have to get the adhesive on right the first time, but you can put it in deep ebony, robust walnut, and pale ash. By the way, you can get them custom engraved.

In addition to the back cover, you can cover the front as well. You can find the front cover here for $10.00, and you can find the back one here for $34.00.