Dotz keeps your cords in order

img3If you are like me, then you have a lot of cords in back of the computer, in back of the television, or any other place where a big machine is. There is a company known as Dotz or Cordotz, and they are in business to make cords easy to identify. I’m going to talk about some cool stuff that the company is putting out, starting with the Cord Identifier Kit ($16.99).

This Kit has 12 Cord Identifiers and 12 Jumbo Cord Identifiers. You can see them in the picture here, and these identifiers are essentially clear plastic things that click on cords. It also comes with coding stickers, so you can write on the label what the cord is. You can make it so it is easy to identify the cable by color, number, or just whatever you want to write on it. It is also possible to purchase the Cord Identifiers (5-Pack for $3.99) and the Jumbo Cord Identifiers (5-Pack for $4.99).

img1In addition to the Cord Identifier, Dotz has also made it simple to bundle cords with Cordstraps ($4.99 for 35) which are essentially cable ties for the cords on your computer. Then there are the Reusable Cord Straps (5-pack for $3.99), which allows for locking and unlocking for bundling cables. Then there is the Reusable Hook and Loop Cord Straps ($4.99 for a 6-pack), which use Velcro. It is also possible to really wind Spiral Tube ($8.99) around cords, as seen in the photo.

All in all, Dotz is one of those companies that really have the customer’s best interests in mind. I highly recommend going to their official site and seeing what will interest you. I’ll be back later to talk more about Dotz.

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