Dotz also keeps your cords out of the way

Cord WrapYou might notice the word “also” in the title, and that is obviously because this is a sequel to my article on the fine Dotz products. If you didn’t catch the original, you can read it here. In case you are too lazy to hit a link, here is a brief “previously”. Dotz has a way of sorting your cords that tend to get tangled up, but they are also handy for keeping your cords well out of the way.

For example, there is this Cord Wrap that you can see in the illustration. This product is good for winding 8 feet of cord. You can open up the Cord Wrap, wind it around the spindle inside, and snap it shut. You can get it in black, white, and red for about $6.99.

Similar to the Cord Wrap is the Earbud Wrap, which allows for winding of the spare cord on your earbuds. This doesn’t close up, but it does have a clip on it and notches so the buds will stay in there as you listen to music while you walk. You can get it in black, red, and white for $4.99.

Cord CatcherThen if you really want some organization for your computer, you might want to check out the CordCatcher. This product is a heavy weight that you can optionally stick to your desk or wherever you work. Here, you can put all those loose cords behind your computer like your mouse, keyboard, and whatever thing you are using for your USB port. I’m not certain why Dotz has this thing in the same three colors, but it is available in black, red, and white for about $7.99.

I realize that I didn’t cover this last time, as I couldn’t find a way to work it in. I can’t work it in here, but I like the Dotz Key Identifiers. all it is are these little tabs that you can put on a keychain so others quickly identify your car, house, or shed keys.

I could find the Key Identifiers on the Dotz site, but you can find all the other products on the company website for the prices listed above. As for the Key Identifiers, I found them at the Amazon website for $6.35.

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