Vyclone: Mix all those videos together

20130522_141857While I was at CTIA, I found several apps designed for mobile devices that are automated video editors. There was Muvee and Magisto, who I will surely write articles about at some later date. This time, I am going to focus on Vyclone.

Vyclone is an application that allows you to make movies from more than just the videos on your phone. The way it works is that multiple Vyclone users film videos, and then upload them to a cloud. From there, a Vyclone user can remix these videos together using Vyclone’s automated editor, and the edited video can be uploaded to friends.

In case you are wondering, it is possible for a Vyclone user to edit these videos on their own. The Vyclone editing tool is nothing more than something where you say: “Camera 1, Camera 2” and so forth, but you can edit with about 16 videos, from your phone! By the way, you can use a PC to edit if that is easier for you.

In case you are wondering why I chose this shot, it is because I took it while at CTIA. This is Joe Sumner, who co-founded Vyclone with David King Lassman. Sumner is a musician, who noticed at concerts that people would be constantly filming on their smartphones during the events. He had the idea that all of these videos could be blended together to make just one very concert film rather than many sloppy hand-camera shot flicks. By the way, Joe Sumner is the son of Sting. Yes, that Sting, the guy who was in the Police. Apparently, his real name is Gordon Sumner.

I asked Joe how the Vyclone program can magically edit videos. He told me that they have algorithms that know when “the best shot” is. In all honesty, I think it is odd that we have this technology. If you want to see whether or not Vyclone really can figure out how the best shot is taken, go and download it on the Appstore for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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