My Review of the ATC Chameleon by Oregon Scientific

chameleonI always like reviewing cameras like the Liquid Image Ego or other cameras like the one Go Pro puts out. The ATC Chameleon from Oregon Scientific does what those cameras do, twice as well.

Yes, that is a play-on word, because it is able to film both the front and back. When you play the video back, you will see the two films that you made side-by-side. It’s pretty cool, and you can see a demonstration video that I made of this after the jump. In addition to the multiple views, you can change the angles of the lenses, but I am not certain what the results will be.

I can totally see why you would want this. If you are one of those “extreme” guys that films every cool adventure that you have, then you will want to get the expression on your face as you are doing cool stuff. If you are biking, it is a great way to show rider and the ride. There is even a bike holder included. If you want to put it on your helmet, there is stuff in the kit for that.

If you like this, head on over to the Oregon Scientific site and lay down $199. It is a must-buy if you are “extreme” enough. Yes, that is a dare.

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