Eagle Trilogy, Part 3: Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Speakerphone

1bOkay, I am finishing the Eagle Trilogy, and it is all about the Bluetooth. You can read about the Folding headset here and then those other Bluetooth speakers.

So it is appropriate that I end this with Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Speakerphone. Now, just to let you know, this keyboard is not the size of a regular laptop or computer keyboard. I found that it was about the size of the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S IV.

I believe that what you have here is a smaller keyboard for those who don’t like the small touchscreen keyboard. If you want to hear some clicking, this is probably the way to go, and you can text and other keyboard stuff with it.

I find this interesting that there is an integrated speakerphone that is designed for hands-free phone calls. So if you want to answer a call or do some voice control like Siri, you can.

All right, I have a chance to try it out, and I think it is interesting that someone made this, but I would prefer a Bluetooth keyboard that is the size of my laptop. I also found it somewhat difficult to sync as you need to do it twice. You need to do it once for the keyboard and once for the speakerphone.

You can find out more about it on the official Eagle website here, and purchase it on Amazon here for about $48.72.

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