My Review of the Epishock “Music Survival Kit”

Epishock(1)One of the problems with reviewing products is that you tend to see the same product over and over. I am not trying to say that Origaudio’s Epishock is a product that is as common as say, an iPhone 5 case, but I have seen it before.

So what? I watch a lot of television that I have seen before in some form or the other. The Epishock is a tiny speaker that uses some kind of tech that probably has a name to turn a flat surface into an amplified speaker.

Sometimes I see this done with Bluetooth, but you’ll have to use a wire with Epishock. At least you can charge the Epishock while you play your music. That is something that I usually don’t see with a product such as this. This one has about 6 hours of playing time.

20130611_200155I was fortunate enough to review this, and I was surprised to see its packaging. Look at this, it looks like a lunchbox! What is weird is how it has a label that reads: “For Emergency and Recreational Use Only”. That about covers everything.

I will have to say that the Epishock is big on bass. So much so, I can barely hear the lyrics. I guess I am going to have to find a treble control on my smartphone somewhere. I do like how you can put something on the Epishock, and it will shake and crawl toward the edge.

By the way, you can daisy chain these speakers together if you want to get some really loud sound. I would imagine that could really rock the table.

You should be able to purchase it on the Origaudio site for about $44.99.

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