Sony and Microsoft put their best foot forward at E3

PS4Now that E3 is about to wrap up soon, depending on when this posts. We should talk about what the big console companies announced at the biggest video game convention of the year.

The Wii U is already out, and I suppose there is only a few new games that I look forward to like Super Mario World 3D. But Sony has the PS4 coming out this Christmas, and Xbox One is also coming from Microsoft.

The PS4 is been announced as something of a real crowd pleaser. The reason why is because PS4 users will be able to share, sell, rent, or lend any game without any restrictions. Oh my gosh, the whole game field is changing. I honestly don’t know how will this affect the entire game environment.

By the way, I heard there is a problem that the XBox One needs to be Internet connected. Okay, that could be a problem for those who use Microsoft gaming consoles in places that are not connected.

Okay, let’s get to the prices. The Sony PS4 is $399 and the XBox One will be $499.


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