My Review of the HoverCam MiNi 5

mini5_connectedI have reviewed products from HoverCam before like the Neo3, but I saw the MiNi5 at CES last January, and I was pleased to try it out for myself.

The HoverCam MiNi 5 is “the world’s smallest 5MP USB Document Camera”. Yes, that is a quote from the company, and so is a picture of the MiNi 5 next to a candy bar and a pen to show its small size.

The HoverCam definitely needed to be smaller, and it has all the things necessary to be a webcam/scanner. I suppose the proper term would be pocket-sized scanner. It comes with software that you can access the moment you plug in the MiNi 5, and you can see images closer than a magnifying glass. It has 5 MP Resolution, for very clear images. It also has autofocus, and has a fast refresh rate as well.

The software involved has a lot of bonuses like a Contact software like a digital Rolodex, and you can connect via Facebook and LinkedIn. Then there is the HoverCam memo software, which allows any receipt to be scanned with the click of a mouse, or even the wave of the hand.

You will note in the image that the HoverCam MiNi 5 can be plugged right into the side. However, if you want to, you can use the included MiNi 5 holder and included USB cord to do other angles. It really works quite well, and it is quite original.

If you are wanting to get this, and you are willing to ignore the weird spelling of the MiNi 5, you can get it on the Hovercam site for $249.00.

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