DARPA’s Atlas is “the World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot”

It really is amazing how we are growing closer and closer to a science fiction age of robots. Thanks to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), we are seeing a hug swell of militant robots.

Just watch the video if you want to see what I mean. Man, they got these robots that can walk like people, and they can even do stairs as well. What really makes it impressive is that they hit the robot with a twenty-pound wrecking ball, and instead of toppling to the side, the robot keeps going on.

I believe the no-knockover feature is “the most advanced” but there is more. It has a real-time control computer, hydraulic pump with thermal management, 28 hydraulically actuated joins, Carnegie Robotics sensor head with LIDAR and stereo vision, hands built by iRobot.

If we ever get to an age where we just use mechanical soldiers, I feel sorry for whoever is on the other side. I often wonder why we feel the need to build robot soldiers when someone else can take the controls and kill us with them? We really need to listen to the message of Battletar Gallactica.


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