The Epic from the Celluon Store lives up to its namesake

epic_09I have heard the use of the word “epic” a lot lately, and this word is really overused now. I mean, there is a movie out this summer with that title of Epic, and it looks completely the opposite of epic.

I consider the word epic to describe the hero’s journey, like Star Wars, The Matrix, or Lord of the Rings. The funny thing is that I believe that the Epic by Celluon is kind of a journey for me that is, for lack of a better word, epic.

Years ago, and I am talking years ago like in the eighties, I heard about this projection keyboard technology that has the power to create a keyboard on a flat surface. The Epic is this tiny box shaped thing that is barely bigger than two Zippo lighters taped together.

You can pair the Epic with your smartphone, and then place it on your table and type out anything, like text messages and website addresses. I believe that the point is to recreate a QWERTY keyboard experience, and I welcome that.

I would have to say that this isn’t quite like a QWERTY. You see, a QWERTY I can feel and know where I am at. All my left hand fingers are over ASDF and JKL; on the right side. You may notice that the right hand does not have the semicolon.

This means that you may have to relearn how to type in order to use the Epic. So it is appropriately named because you will take a hero’s journey into typing. So you will have to relearn how to type on the Epic, but considering you have to relearn how to type on a mobile anyway.

You should be able to purchase the Epic on the Celluon site for about $169.99.

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