KickShot: Soccer as a board game

BoxFrontI am not certain why Americans have never really embraced football, and I mean soccer. Fortunately, we are making up for it by having soccer teams for our kids.

KickShot is a game that brings soccer indoors, and even though it can be played by children, it is engaging for adults as well. The game is set up with a board that looks like a soccer field, and a small soccer ball. Up to 2 to 6 players move the ball up and down the field, trying to score a goal. Just like with real soccer, it is harder than it sounds.

The game can be played at three different levels. The first level are teams moving the ball down the field toward the goal by rolling dice. That may sound simple, but when a team rolls doubles, the other team gets the ball. There is a lot of changeovers, and all ages can appreciate the tension.

In level two, the players use cards to determine their next play on the field. For Offensive, there is Pass and Goal Shot, which move the ball to the goal. Defensive cards are good for Intercept or Goal Block. There are also Referee cards that really keep the game interesting. When the cards get involved, teams need to use strategy to figure out how to score as many goals as possible before the deck runs out.

Kickshot playersLevel three introduces more cards into the KickShot deck, with moves like Dribble and Bicycle Kick for the Offense and Side Tackle for the Defense. Then there is the Header shot that is both Offense and Defense, and there is a Wild Card that can be any move you wish.

The higher the level you play, the more complex it gets. It isn’t too complicated, as my kids, ages 9 and 10, were able to understand it pretty easily, even at Level 3. It is simply a matter of knowing what card does what, and those who play card-based games will easily understand KickShot.

In short, KickShot is a lot of fun, and brings soccer indoors much better than foosball, at a lower price. You can purchase it for $24.95 on the official Kickshot site, and those who have kids that play soccer can really enjoy a family game night with this game.

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