The Brickcase by Smallworks

iphone-5-clearWell, I am pretty certain that you know that I am a lover of all things LEGO, as I have written two books on it. They are Pratical Lego Technics and Lego Technic Robotics, in case you might want to buy them off Amazon. I once covered a case for a smartphone that was made by Belkin, but this one is from Smallworks.

As far as I am concerned, what they are doing is no small work. I am not certain what more I can say about the BrickCase, but it is a case that can hold bricks. That’s right, it can be used as a big Lego piece.

You can see from the illustration below that my son used his BrickCase for the iPhone 4 to make a little house and some other buildings. All I can say is that I hope this gets more models of phones out, and quickly.

20130728_183023They currently have cases for the iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4/4S, and iPhone 5. No Samsung phones, and no iPad. Oh, there also T-shirts.

You should be able to get the BrickCases on the Smallworks site for about $24.99. You will find they come in a lot of cool colors.

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