The Cosmopolitan iPad Cover by idAmerica

CosmopolitanAs you can imagine, this is going to be one of my product reviews where I state that I have reviewed a lot of products similar to this. Generally, this is where I say that some product (in this case, an iPad case) must be really different to stand out from the competition/imitators.

In the case of the Cosmopolitan by idAmerica, it is quite similar to Orion Leather case from Mapicases. The Cosmopolitan is described as having a durable and plush leatherette with exquisite finish. I found the Cosmopolitan to be soft on the outside and in, and this makes the iPad feel pretty nice.

I suppose that is a plus in the right direction. I will also give it points for the three angles that you can view the iPad. I will say that most iPad cases like this can do the same thing, and the way the Cosmopolitan does it is interesting, as you have to slightly detach the iPad from the side clips to get it to lean. I realize that doesn’t make sense, but it works good enough.

At first I wondered why idAmerica named this Cosmopolitan. There is already a successful magazine of the same name, but I just looked up the word before the magazine branded it. Apparently, the word, used as an adjective, means having a worldwide rather than limited provincial scope or bearing. I suppose idAmerica has a good name for this product.

In short, I think that idAmerica has a winner with the Cosmopolitan, and it can be purchased on the idAmerica site here for about $49.95 in Burgundy, Black, and Green.

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