Hands-on with the iLuv MobiOut

iLuv MobiOutI realize my saying “iLuv MobiOut”, it sounds like I am saying I love MobiOut. In this case, it is quite true.

I definitely like to review iLuv products, like the Aud5. This MobiOut looks like the Braven 570 that we reviewed last week, and it has very similar features. It is a Bluetooth speaker with controls on top, but an added bonus is Jump-Start technology, which means you can use it to charge mobile device. Wait, the Braven 570 does that too.

I am guessing that the biggest difference is that it is splash-proof. It has a lot of bass, and I don’t want to say that one Bluetooth speaker is better than another. So let us end with a spec, it has a 9 hour battery life.

If you are interested in this, you can get it on the iLuv site for about $119.99.

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