Welcome to an age of KeMice!

KemiceI mentioned in my recent report on the Haptix that the mouse is an interface that probably needs some kind of update, and I found another one today with KeMice.

The KeMice (which I assume is pronounced Key-mice) is unique as it is a keyboard that can split down the middle. You can see a video after the jump of how handy it is when you want to type with a huge gap between your two hands. You can position the two halves so they are a lot like an ergonomic keyboard, and that comes in handy, doesn’t it? You can even go so far as to put your tablet or laptop screen in between the two parts of the keyboard. I will have to admit that I never tried typing like that, but now I want to try it that way.

Now, here is the real kicker. The right half of the keyboard can actually be used as a mouse. You heard me correctly. Apparently, if this right half is moving, the J an K buttons serve as the left and right mouse button functions. I am not certain how the right half will know what you mean, and I hope that there won’t be any errors afoot.

Some of you, including me, really want to get your hands on this. I certainly don’t blame you. However, this is a crowdfunded, Indiegogo project that needs your help. I believe you can get it for $69, and it includes a nice leather case.


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