Universal Stealth 360 Case for 7-inch tablets from M-EDGE

M-EDGE Stealth 360This seems to be a time for me to review M-EDGE products, and after those two cases that I reviewed the other day, I was pleased to review the Universal Stealth 360.

Like my reviews of cases, it is always hard to talk about tablet cases unless they are really unique. I will have to say that the Stealth 360 Case is quite unique in the sense it has three things that I have never seen before.

First, it has a very interesting way to keep it at an angle. Most of these things have only a few ribbed places to hold it at certain angles, but this allows for many angles. This is because of Griptrack Technology, and I am not certain if this is some new patented system, or something.

Second, it has these rubber-bands to hold it in place. This means that it isn’t set up for any particular tablet, but many. Then I like how you can just twist it to look at it in portrait mode.

Third, I like the magnetic closure on the flap. I wonder if I have seen that before? Nothing is coming to mind here.

Here is another thing I like about the Universal Stealth 360: it looks like it is made of leather. If you want to get it, it is available on the M-EDGE site for $49.99.

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