Hands on with CM4’s QCard Case for the Galaxy 4

Q CardI have already reported on the QCard Case for the Galaxy S 4 a while ago, and you can imagine my shock when I saw it in the mail.

My initial out-of-the-box impression is that it feels quite squishy to the grip. There is some sort of weird fabric that allows the user to put three or so cards (ID, credit) plus a little bit of cash.

The QCard loves to boast about its features, and it is quite impressive. For example, it has a Direct Channel Audio design that can somehow push the music forward. Then it has the Lay-flat Screen Guard which “provides ultimate screen protection”. Then there is the Natural Throw buttons that can “maintain an organic connection with your S4”.

If this is something that you want for your Galaxy S4, head on over to the CM4 site and lay down about $39.99 for it in Black Onyx, Mahogany Brown, Pacific Green, and Red Rouge.

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