Incipio Part 4: The Stashback for the iPhone 5

Incipio StashbackI have been seeing a lot of smartphone cases, and they usually have one thing in common: they can store cash and credit cards. I am talking about cases like the QCard case by CM4.

I can see why. People want less pocket bulk, and if you only need your wallet for credit cards and your driver’s license, why bother with a wallet. Of course, Incipio has a bunch of products ready for this new age of digital wallets with the Stashback.

I had a chance to try out the Stashback for the iPhone 5. I will have to say that I have seen smartphone cases with credit card pockets before. The Stashback has a place to store credit cards on the inside rather than outside.

It also has a Rigid Plextonium frame like the Lexington for the iPad Mini, another fine Incipio product. You can purchase it on the Incipio site for about $39.99, in five assorted colors.

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