PlayPad Pro Android Controller from Nyko

Playpad proI always like reviewing products from Nyko, and I was very pleased to try out the successor to the PlayPad with the PlayPad Pro.

I found that this PlayPad Pro is a definite upgrade, especially with the shape. The old looked more like the original NES controller, while this one looks as ergonomic as modern console controllers like the PS3. In fact, the PlayPad Pro bears a strong resemblance to the Raven, an improved PS3 controller also available from this company.

After I got the PlayPad Pro synced with my Android phone, I then tried it out on as many games as possible. I couldn’t get it to work with Angry Birds Seasons, but I found out that it really improved my mobile version of Tetris.

In addition to being a game controller, this PlayPad Pro can be used as sort of a mouse for your Android device. It even has an iCade mode for devices and iOS games, and there is also an App that Nyko has put out called Playground which really adds a lot.

You should be able to get this Nyko PlayPad Pro for $24.99-$34.99. Here is some more information about it.

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