TuneBelt, for all kinds of mobile devices

tunebelt AB87The mobile lifestyle is really not designed to be mobile. Sure, you can have a phone that travels in the palm of your hand, but what good is it if it weighs you own while you are jogging? I highly recommend getting your hands on the Tune Belt for that.

The Tune Belt isn’t really a new idea, but like the case for the mobile phone, everybody needs one. It is essentially a pocket made for your arm that allows you to carry your phone near your elbow. It is good for when you want to listen to music while you are jogging, assuming that the headphone jack is in the right place.

The jack was in the right place for the model for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and this is available for purchase here for about $22.95. If you are looking for it for the iPhone 5, it can be purchased here for $19.95. If you didn’t see your mobile device, check out their catalog here.

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