The Petite Leather Wallet for the Galaxy S4 from More-Thing

Petite More-Thing 1I have reviewed products from More-Thing before, and I was pleased to receive, as a total surprise, the Petite Leather Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

This is definitely a product targeted at the ladies. You can see its orange/pink color scheme, and it has some multi-faceted stones made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, about 35 of them to be exact. Yeah, they aren’t diamonds, and the leather isn’t real either. If it was, it would probably be more expensive.

We’ll get to the price later. The Petite has a feature that I have seen before and is starting to become a standard for mobile cases, most recently the Stashback for the iPhone 5. The Petite is different because it folds up like a wallet, and has a magnetic closing strap.

Okay, let’s get to the price. The cost is about $49.99, which is a pretty good price. I am assuming that it was released in time for the holiday season, but it would make a good Valentine’s day gift too. You can purchase it here.

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