Lifeproof introduces the nüüd for the iPad mini

Lifeproof nuudSome of you when I reviewed the nüüd for the Galaxy S III. I remember when I got it that I was surprised the touchscreen was pretty much exposed.

Yeah, I figured that was going to happen with the nüüd for the iPad mini. The nüüd allows for a naked screen for the iPad Mini, as the border of this forms a watertight seal.

Yep, it has a seal against water, dirt, snow, and shock. You should probably drop it in the mud, but you could do that and properly clean off the naked screen and still use it. It has the thinnest amount of protection, for something that gives a lot of thick protection.

In addition to the protection it gives, it also offers some enhanced sound, and CrystalClear optics allow full access to every control. You can get it on the LifeProof site for $119.99.

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