HuMn Wallet changes how you carry your money

The other day I was asked to review the HuMn Wallet 2, and I wasn’t certain what I would be reviewing. I rightly assumed that it was a wallet, and it uses the elemental abbreviation in its title, sort of like the show everyone is talking about, Breaking Bad.

The HuMn Wallet 2 is an interesting wallet that shuns the traditional wallet. It is not leather, and it doesn’t have a leather velcro strap to seal it up tight.

The HuMn Wallet 2 is very interesting as it is essentially two polycarbonate slabs that are strapped together with an elastic band. I honestly don’t know how to describe it other than that, which is why I put a video of it here rather than my usual image.

As you can see, the credit cards can be placed on the inside, while the cash is strapped in on the outside. You can strap on an ID tag as well, you know, the kind that you use to enter an electronically locked door.

You should be able to purchase the HuMn Wallet at a price of $76-114, on the HuMn Wallet site for $76-$114.

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