Disney Research working on 3-D Tactile Feedback on a touchscreen

Whoa. I just finished writing about some cool new technology that involves holographic digital signage, and now I am talking about some touchscreen that allows you to do some touch, and it’s from Disney Research!

I honestly don’t know how this tech works. I have seen some flexible tech that will hopefully be available from LG and other mobile phone companies before, but the idea of actually being able to feel something on a touchscreen is interesting.

You can see on the video an idea of how this works, but a part of this tech looks like it involves using a little vibration and voltage directed right at the fingertip. Yeah, I have no idea how it works but I can easily think of places where I would want it to work.

Hey, we always know that touching things are the way to really interact with things. Kids have taught us that. Let’s see where this tech goes. Say, didn’t I say that about the holograms? Yeah, it’s Friday.


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