The CODE and LGND cases for the iPhone 5, from Incipio!

Incipio CodeIn keeping with the Incipio reviews that I have been doing since…yesterday, it is time to do two more iPhone cases, the CODE and the LGND.

I’ll go ahead and start with the CODE. I am not certain why it is called that. Perhaps the hexagonal pattern that you see there is some sort of code to…nah, I’m going to abandon that bit. Anyway, the CODE is made of Plextonium, which seems to be an element that Incipio has all the rights to.

Like other Incipio products, it is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You can interchange the TPU hex pattern, and there seems to be some sort of stand or something with it.

Incipio LGNDAs for the LGND, it is one of those cases that has a flap that can fold up, much like the Watson Wallet that I talked about yesterday. Something that I didn’t see on the Watson, it can stand up for viewing in landscape mode.

You should be able to get the CODE here for $34.99 in many colors. As for the LGND, it is available here at the same price.

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