The iPhone 5 Hydra Series Case from Ballistic

Ballistic HydraI believe that I have recommended Going Ballistic on your mobile device before, or Otterbox, or Lifeproof, or Incipio. Yeah, I have said this a lot, and I’m not even going to put in hyperlinks.

So much so, I kind of know the drill for these products. They are required to face the four trials of life like dust, dirt, water, and shock. Usually, it is a matter of how long they can stay underwater and how much shock they can take.

In this case, it can survive a high impact drop of eight feet. The submerging time is seven feet for thirty minutes. Compare that to the other brands.

As for what is the same, the Hydra requires a waterproof test without the mobile device. This is what will make sure all that dust, dirt, and sand will stay out as well as the wetness. In addition to the protection, the Hydra comes with a belt holster thing for even more protection on your side.

You should be able to get the Hydra on the Ballistic site for about $79.99.

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