Okay, I don’t like the new Yahoo Mail

yahoo email-saidaonlineThe other day I opened up my email on Yahoo and discovered that it had changed. Some times, change is good, but I believe that it is bad in this case. Since I have this blog, I am going to use it to say how much I detest the changes.

First, the tab portion is gone. It used to be that I could look at emails that I had written in the past by doing a search, and I could view several emails at once as they would appear on tabs. I can still do the search, but the tabs are gone. Those tabs were really helpful to me when I needed to look up information from previous emails that were sent and/or sent to me. I really miss them, and want them back.

Second, the interface is really weird for a reply. It used to be the “Send” button was on the top, but now it is on the bottom. When I hit “Send”, I know that my message has been sent, I guess. It used to be that if I wanted to do a Search while writing an email, I could do the search and come back to the email. In this new version, if I do a search, I lose whatever I wrote before. Is there a way to save a draft? I haven’t quite figured that out just yet.

Third, is there a problem with new emails. Yahoo will tell me that I have new emails, but sometimes, they don’t show up. What is up with that?

Right now, the new Yahoo Mail seems as bad a change as when Coke changed their formula back in the mid-eighties. The problem is, I don’t need Coke for my business.

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