Livin’ on the M-EDGE, Part Two: Trina Turk and the Loot

M-EDGE Trina Turk Snap iPhone 5Even though I just covered the Universal StealthPro Keyboard Folio, now I am about to go into other M-EDGE products. I am going to start with two products both designed by Trina Turk.

I am not certain who Trina Turk is. Every once in a while, I see mobile phone accessories designed by some famous designer, and I always feel kind of dumb asking who it is. From what I have seen of her work, it is a definite pastel and almost Dutch art style to it that I like.

You will notice that the Echo case for the iPhone 5 has imagery that is almost fractal in nature. It sort of matches that patterns that I see if I close my eyes and rub them real hard. I will not allow anyone to interpret that as an insult. I know little about art, but this is pretty interesting. Seriously, how would you describe that pattern to someone?

Before I forget, let me tell you that the dual layer case has an interior layer to keep in the iPhone in, and this pattern is pretty unusual as the exterior. That is pretty much all I can say about this, other than you can get it on the M-EDGE Store for $39.99. Oh, it is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

M-EDGE Trina Turk Snap GS 4I also had a case to look at the Snap Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. As you can see, it has a very cool pattern.

I’m going to call this kitchen tile or basket weave. Uh, Yes, there are a lot of others, and I highly recommend checking them out. Both my wife and daughter really like these patterns. I think that Trina Turk has a huge future and I hope she gets more jobs than just M-EDGE. Perhaps M-EDGE is paying her a lot. Maybe. Okay, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, I am literally putting in words here just so I can get the pictures of the Trina Turk cases in this review.

The big difference between the first and second case is that the Snap doesn’t seem to have any ribbed interior. That really is about the only difference, but the materials and style looks the same. You can find it on the M-EDGE store for about $29.99. Oh, it is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 with all kinds of patterns.

M-EDGE LootSo, let’s conclude with the Loot. I will have to say that the look of the Loot looks a lot like The Enforcer case I reviewed a while ago.

It also reminds me of practically every case that I have reviewed. Why? Because it has those slots in the back for credit cards and cash. Man, is everyone using their smartphone case as a wallet these days?

I suppose that the difference between those other wallet cases is that this is made with “top grade, premium materials”. Now, this is for the iPhone 5/5S, and it costs $49.99 on the M-EDGE site.

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