Incredible Bionic Man arrives just in time for Halloween

bionic-man-show.jpeg1382115940You might remember when I reviewed Bicentennial Man how the film predicted that every house would have an automaton robot by 2005. I’m actually not certain if we are even working for that goal of household robotics, but I suppose an automated human really is inevitable.

This particular one that you see here is not destined to be mass-produced and put in people’s homes, but more of an experiment, really. He has appeared on a show called, appropriately enough, “The Incredibe Bionic Man” on the Smithsonian Channel, and made his first American appearance at New York’s Comic-con. It will apparently then make its base of operations at the Air and Space Museum.

This Bionic man is essentially a Frankenstein’s monster of all kins of prosthesis and artificial body parts donated from all over the world. Please believe me when I say that I really tried to leave the word “Frankenstein” out of this article. It is essentially a robot body housed around robot parts, and it cost about $1 million (approximately one-sixth the price of The Six Million Dollar Man).

Well, I suppose we should take whatever lessons we can learn from this robot and apply them. Before they become our overlords! Kidding (hopefully).

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