My Review of the iLaunch Thunder by Dream Cheeky

Dream Cheeky iLaunch ThunderIf you are not familiar with Dream Cheeky, then you should check out what they have on their site. It makes you think: “just when I thought I had seen every iPhone/iPad accessory, I never thought I would see this”.

The iLaunch Thunder is a Missile Launcher for iDevices, and it has to be linked wirelessly via Bluetooth. Don’t worry, these missiles are soft, and they won’t hurt when they hit. Seriously, I tried it out by deliberately shooting myself in the chest.

So once you have it all hooked up, you can download and open the app and move the launcher around remotely. It is a little bit difficult, but the iLaunch has a 270 degree horizontal rotation, and 40 degree raising method. When I say difficult, the instructions aren’t exactly instinctual. I mean, you have this weird radar display that you use to steer the launcher, and touch the button in the middle to fire. Couldn’t this be done with arrow keys?

Sadly, I have another problem. These missiles have tips on them that, I am not kidding, fell off after the first use. Some of them stayed on. Without these tips on the end, the missiles cannot fire because the air that shoots the missiles can’t meet their mark. I suppose I could glue them back on, and I hope that will work.

If you want to try it out, feel free to go on the Dream Cheeky website and lay down $59.99 for it. Watch out for the problems that I warned you about, but it is fun to shoot.

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