Amazon building their own private jungle in the Seattle area

Amazonian SeattleBeing from the Seattle area, it is always interesting to see what the big tech companies are doing. For example, Amazon wants to build a jungle, in the Seattle area.

Yes, they want to make their own Bio-Dome, and the Pauly Shore movie is of no relation, hopefully. Actually they want to build three bio-domes, as part of their new massive headquarters which includes three skyscrapers that will stand more than 70 stories, each. That is almost as tall as the Columbia Tower, the current tallest building in Seattle.

Wow, that looks that will pick up tourism downtown. Actually, it won’t, because Amazon won’t let anyone but their employees in this private jungle. Oh man, that is so not fair. Couldn’t you have some sort of coupon day, or something? Well, I think this company is always hiring.


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