Google trying to build a Google Glass store on a San Francisco Bay Barge?

Google Glass bargeI guess if I was the head of a big tech company, I would probably enjoy building structures to do more than just get attention. After all, Amazon is creating that Bio-dome in Seattle, and now I hear that Google is building something in the San Francisco Bay.

I find it very odd that Google is building this thing, and according to my sources, it is being built for the purpose of selling Google Glass. From what I heard, this structure on a barge is being made near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, and will be towed close to the city when the Glass really breaks onto the market.

I could have sworn that the Glass was already out, but I’ve yet to be walking down the street and see someone actually wearing it. You would think something like that would be a target for muggers.

But I digress. I certainly think this is the weirdest type of marketing that I have seen, assuming this is true. This would be like Apple putting their next new iPhone or iPads on a boat to sell. It is like a tech ark or something.


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