Ultra-Slim Power Case Designed for iPad, from Justin Case

Justin Power RedI think most iPad owners know that the battery runs out on their favorite tablet all the time. Even Ashton Kutcher talked about needing to carry around an extra battery that must be charged just so the iPad can have daily use. I have reported on many of them, like the ones from Digital Foci.

This is the Ultra-Slim Power Case from Justin Case, part of the Justin Power collection from Innovative Technology. It is a Portable 11,600 mAh rechargeable power case made for iPad 2 or higher. It is made for that tablet, and as you can see, it can hold the iPad at an angle you want it while charging it at the same time.

This will recharge the iPad up to 2 times, and it can recharge an iPhone about 7 times. You can recharge other phones or devices with this as well, so it isn’t just for the iPad.

You can get it on sites like Amazon for a price of like $73.87. You can find out more information about it here.

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