Navy Christens Next-Gen Aircraft Carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R FordToday, the Navy cracked a bottle of wine on the hull of the next generation aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. This is the beginning of the Ford class, and it has a lot of improvements.

First of all, it is very long at 1,080 feet, and 100 feet high, which allows it to hold over 25 percent more aircraft than older carriers. One of the biggest pluses is the state-of-the-art electromagnetic catapults, but I am not certain what that actually does.

The entire thing was built on a 3D product model, and the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert said this about it: “She will carry unmanned aircraft, joint strike fighters, and she will deploy lasers”. Holy smack! I just had an awesome idea for a movie! The government builds a huge aircraft carrier called the George W. Bush, and it has 100 percent automated planes and no people are required. Oh no, suddenly the giant carrier becomes self-aware, and it begins to attack random targets that it sees at threats. It is up to…okay, you see where this is going.

By the way, the USS Gerald R. Ford is $2 billion dollars over-budget. Ah man, I hate reporting on info like that.


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