The MirrorCase for iPad, by RHP Multimedia

MirrorCase-iPadKickstandIt has been about a year since I reviewed the Mirrorcase for the iPhone 4, and as far as I know, RHP Multimedia only put out one particular product that solves one particular problem.

Here’s the problem. If you use your smartphone or tablet as a camera, you always have to hold it in a position that is very uncomfortable. This is especially excruciating in cases where you are filming something for an extended period of time. For those who use tablets as camera, you will end up looking like a photographer from the 30’s, only without the bright light-bulb sized flash.

This MirrorCase for the iPad allows the user to simply lay the tablet on a table and start filming. If you want to see what you are filming, you don’t have to look up, but down to see it flat on the screen. You can adjust the mirror for all kinds of angles. By the way, I have a video that I filmed after the jump to show how easy filming is with this.

This particular device also forms a protective shell around the iPad, protecting it from damage. It also has a kickstand feature which allows for all kinds of screen angles, as you can see in the above still image.

All in all, the MirrorCase for the iPad is perfect for anyone who films too much or too little on their iPad. You can quote me on that, and I recommend it as a gift for those who fall in the above category. You can get it on the RHP Multimedia site for about $79.95.

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