The SmartJacket and Engage for the iPad Air, from X-Doria!

Engage for iPad AirX-Doria puts out a lot of interesting cases, and you have to like their designs and strength of protection. This is evident in cases like the Defense 720 and the Rapt. I had the chance to check out two of X-Doria’s products, both for the iPad Air (iPad 5), and they are the Engage and the SmartJacket.

Now the Engage is made for the back of the iPad Air, and it really should be sold with that SmartCover that Apple loves so much. After all, one likes to have protection for the front of the iPad, but when it comes to the back…

Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going. The Engage does…engage itself to the back of the iPad, and it has a translucent look with some weird pattern of X’s. It looks like it should be in front of fluorescent lights, really. It is really cool, and is available on the X-Doria site for $29.99.

Smartjacket for iPad AirThe SmartJacket is made for both the front and back of the iPad. What you see here is the polycarbonate shell that has a very interesting texture. As for the front, it is a slightly different color (depending on which you have bought) and it is flexible.

Why should it matter if the front cover is flexible? Well, you can fold it up and use this thing as a stand, similar to Apple’s SmartCover. By the way, when you open this thing, the built-in magnets wake or sleep the iPad when it is respectively open or closed.

All in all, we have two levels of protection, with the SmartJacket giving two layers for the front and back. I would recommend both products, and if you want the full protection package, the SmartJacket can be purchased for $39.99 on the X-Doria site.

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