Mobee Products, Part 2: The Magic Feet and Magic Numpad

MagicFeetMain-2Well, this is our second round for reviewing Mobee products, and I am pleased to review two other items that have their “Magic” label on them.

I will start with the Magic Feet, and it is designed to charge both the Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard (or Apple Magic Trackpad) simultaneously. It has an interesting design with a shape that I am having a hard time describing. Basically, you slide in the Wireless keyboard or Magic Trackpad, and it will charge it so you don’t have to worry about running out of AA batteries. Now it takes 10 hours for a full charge, but that is good for about 10 days.

As I said before, it can also charge the Magic Mouse. It uses the same system that I described in my Part 1 of this Mobee series with the Magic Charger. This means that the Magic Foot can charge the Magic Juice.

In addition to the charging capability, the Magic Feet has four USB port in case you need them. As someone who constantly runs out of USB ports, I know that I need them. All in all, the Magic feet is one handy device for Apple owners, and it can be purchased on the Mobee site for about $149.90.

MagicNumpadMain-1The next product that I had a chance to try out is the Magic Numpad. It is definitely designed to be used after you charged the Magic Trackpad with your Magic Feet!

The Magic Numpad is “the first numeric touch application for Apple’s Magic Trackpad”, which essentially means it is a filmy cover that you can put over the Trackpad, turning it into a numeric pad. It comes in three forms: The Classic Numpad plus Trackpad Area, the Full Numpad, and the Numpad plus Customizable keys. To use any one of the three, all you need to do is download and register the included software, and you are good to go. You can get the Magic Numpad on the Mobee site for about $29.90.

Well, this concludes the Mobee series, and this would be a good gift for Apple lovers if this is what are thinking.

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